3 Little Figs in Somerville, MA, a disappointment...

3 little figs in on highland has been on my radar since it opened in 2012, but i never had a chance to stop by until last friday. what a disappointment. first, i hadn’t realized how tiny it is; just handful of tables crowded together with loud music blaring. not the relaxing experience i look for in a cafe. not to mention getting to where i could add milk to my tea required maneuvering among three yoga moms who had just arrived with their baby hummers.

but, the real disappointment was the food. i only had time for a cup of tea and a pastry. i was looking forward to the cider donut muffin, but what i got was dry, overly sweet without a trace of cider. there were other baked goods that looked promising, so i might stop by if it’s on my way. but only for something to go.

Every time I’ve ever gone there, no matter what time of day, it’s packed with people on laptops; I’ve never once seen a place to sit, and therefore consider it a ‘take out’ place only, given its size.

I’ve never had the cider version of the donut muffin, but in general their baked goods have been really delicious and the furthest thing from dry, pity you got something like that. Their sandwiches are worth checking out. But I go there mainly for their excellent coffee. If I want a cafe to relax in, I’ll go to Bourbon Coffee in Porter Square, as it’s quiet, relaxing, and there’s lots of spots to sit.

my regular spot is true grounds in ball square, which also has plenty of space. i just happened to find myself with a bit of time near 3 little pigs on friday. i had been hearing such great things about the place for so long, the experience was a real letdown

It’s FIGS, guys. FIGS.

Sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience. I’ve lived around the corner from them since they’ve opened and while it’s true they are busy, I generally am able to find a seat along with my motley crew of little kids, friends, etc. Sometimes you have to stake out a table or wait a few minutes especially at prime brunch time, or if you want one of the sidewalk tables in good weather, but I’ve never experienced blaring music. On the weekends (which is 99% of my visits), I believe they prohibit laptops so maybe that’s part of the issue.

Anyways, they’re lovely people and I find their coffee far superior to True Grounds. Give the lavender biscuit a try.


I completely agree. Loyal Nine is my (well-documented) favourite, but Three Figs comes in at a very close second. I’ve been there dozens of times and I would guess that I’ve tried almost everything on the menu, and I’ve never once had disappointing food.

I’m sorry you had a bad first time, but I would strongly encourage a second try.

don’t drink coffee, so that’s not an issue. and, for me, the tea selection at true grounds is far superior (both places serve MEM). can’t see myself making a special trip, but the next time i’m in the area with a few minutes to spare, i’ll stop in and pick up something (though probably not a lavender biscuit:) to go.

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