3 days into the New Year and we already have the A$$hole Customer of the year 2016 Award recipient

I saw this on Facebook figured I would share it here. Someone please tell me that people like this don’t really exist, please…


There are no limits to assholery, trust me – and this is a fine example.

Pass the drink menu, please.


I’m far from defending this person, but I do want to point out that it looks as if the Facebook post was made soon after midnight on New Year’s Eve. That, coupled with the fact that the entitled young patron was “trying to figure out our bill being messed up” leads me to believe that she might have acted differently had she been less drunk. Maybe.


Maybe. But I tend to the view that arsewipes are usually always arsewipes, even when they try to cover up their arsewipery.


What a snot nosed little sniveler .


Yeah, there’s still all that veritas in the vino.


Nah. Assholes are assholes. Being drunk just brings out their assholery for everyone to witness.


Beat me to it :smile:

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Social media and other instant self-aggrandizing devices (selfies, etc.) fuel vanity displacing decency as a cultural objective.


Wow. Just, wow!

Vanity, indecency and self-aggrandizing existed long before social media were around to document such behavior.

Like the rampant police shootings of black men – only now do we find out about it on a regular basis, thanks to camera phones.

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How unfortunate that the servers weren’t able to maintain a facade of calm and carry on. I hope the partier has sobered up and found some compassion for all involved.

Hi, small_h:

As with much of what John aptly describes as “asswipery”, the failure to just shut the F up and leave the damn mobile device alone looms large here. I see it on the news sites, freeways and sidewalks every single day. Our culture needs to stop it.



I was out to eat last week, and a very similar situation happened, an elderly woman was taken out of the restaurant via stretcher and ambulance. The reaction of the staff was about as opposite of this as you could imagine, honestly nobody seemed to bat an eye at it, everyone just continued with their business. I was seated at the bar and I assumed the EMT"s when into the kitchen because I couldn’t see the back portion of the dining room where the woman was seated.

I asked the bartender “Is everything ok” and her response was, yes the kitchen is just firing your meal now, it will only be a few more minutes. I literally had to call her attention to the ambulance out front and ask specifically “Is everyone in the kitchen ok?” before she explained it was an elderly woman customer.

On a side note, a woman at the bar of a restaurant I managed passed out one time. We laid her on the floor, face up, pillow under her head as we tried to gently bring her back to consciousness. This didn’t immediately work so we called 911 the operator was asking me a few questions as I knelt over the woman…they were dispatching police and ambulance. As I was on the phone with 911 the woman started to blink her eyes…and started to come to…911 told me to ask her what her name is;

Me: “Hello Ma’am…what is your name?”
Woman: “Susan”
Me to 911: “She said her name is Susan”
911: “Great !! Is that her name?”
Me to 911: “I have no idea I’ve never met this woman”
Me to Woman: “Susan are you sure Susan is your name?”
Woman: “Yes”
Me to 911: “She seems pretty confident that’s her name”
911: “Is there someone else there I can talk to?”
Me to 911: “Yes, but nobody else knows her name”
911: “I’ll just hold till the police arrive”


I’ve always thought that. The alcohol just removes the layer of civility that those people cultivate.

I checked their FB page and they say the young patron has inactivated her FB page. This went all over the world. Great publicity for them, I doubt 85,000 people had checked in there before this!

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