2nd Floor west end long branch [NJ]

This is an unusual restaurant as they are only open three nights a week, but I was not in charge of deciding where we ate so I braved the storm Friday night. It was tremendously windy down by the shore so I was glad there was a spot right in front, across from the park.

The restaurant is located atop Mixx, the club and bar and they have a full bar. An appetizer special was roasted brussels sprouts with goat cheese and I wondered how that worked, but sure enough it worked great. The tangy goat cheese made a nice counterpoint for the nicely crisped sprouts. Another app of chopped liver had me thinking about my departed Grandma who used to make it all the time. This was a light and tasty version and much creamier than the one I remember. A third app of burrata was also good and tasty.

We shared three mains; Roasted Chicken, Pork Chop, and Hanger Steak and got an extra side of fried sweet potatoes. Everything was really good and I loved the ham gravy they served with the pork chop most of all. Those fries were also excellent.

Although we had little appetite left, we shared a single serving of chocolate pot au creme which was devoured in seconds. I left pleasantly surprised and vowing to return.


What prices?

They have a website, sides are 8, apps range from 11 -17 and entrees 25 to 38 or so

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Website: 2ndflrrestaurant.com

On the whole I would put it in the expensive/special occasion category.



Thanks. For some reason when I checked the web site I missed the menu with prices! Duh!

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Happy you enjoyed it. It’s one one of my favs. Love the octopus app and the fried apple pie (though I note it hasn’t been on the menu for awhile). Very cozy atmosphere especially in the curtained cubby and the small back room.