25 of Our Readers’ Favorite New York City Restaurants

perhaps I should have tucked this into the wells 100 thread. Some of the suggestions are head-scratching, our last two meals at cafe lux were terrible but other people seem to love it, it’s been years, maybe we should give it another try. Anyhow, there are some interesting suggestions in the article’s comments section.

I’ve had the fuska cart on my list for a while, I was seriously considering getting off the train on the way back from flushing but in the end, decided I’d eaten enough.

It’s there already – I didn’t separate it bec the comparison of what’s on the reader list vs the critic list seemed interesting

Agree on Cafe Lux, it’s solid and neighorhoody but nothing special

We stopped at one of the several fuska carts on a previous JH visit, it was fine, not worth a detour imo.

The one and only time I went there was after my college graduation, with my roommate and our respective parents and boyfriends. The only thing I remember clearly was that my boyfriend wanted his steak well done, and the server said the chef would prepare it that way only if my boyfriend agreed not to send it back.

Obviously I have not been in a hurry to return, because my college graduation was…a while ago. But good on them for lasting all this time!

I worked my way through college, mostly as a waiter and a lifeguard. The steak house where I worked had an unwritten policy that if someone sent back a well done steak for more heat, we’d deliver to the table while the piece of meat was still smoking :joy:

Dang, yes, apologies.

More heat, like the meat arrived at the table cold?

the meat arrived well done but they wanted it burnt. No one ever sent it back twice.

Ah. This case was more of a “we’re going to try to shame you into ordering food the way we think you should like it.”