25 Best Restaurants in Boston Right Now [NYT]

Had to double-check the url to make sure I wasn’t on the Globe NYT 25 Best Restaurants in Boston Right Now.

Happy Patriots Day!

ETA: Read through the comments section. Adding “Greater” to the title would have reduced the comments by 2/3. :smile:


agreed that ‘greater boston’ would be more accurate. as for comments, one noted that the list is “rather arbitrary.”

really? how could it be anything but arbitrary? subjective, too!


There’s always having to pick and choose what makes this list, but two sandwich places on a 25 “best” list? I dunno. I like that they include these smaller shops and even specialty shops that really focus on one food type, but on a short list that always provokes debate 2 sandwich shops is 1 too many (Note: Outside of a few far and in between sandwiches I like, I’m not much of a sandwich person).


like i said — subjective!

Capping the list at 25 is a guarantee that debate will ensue. I’m reasonably confident that was the point. The comments are not just interesting, but the inevitable response.