24 Hours in NYC

Came in on the red eye and had to get out to Long Island the next morning for thanksgiving prep but squeezed a lot in.

Sofia Pizza , 54th and First
Breakfast slices
I guess they got a bunch of press for a $38 pizza that is labor intensive with a long dough prep, but the counter guy said they don’t make them anymore. Slices were excellent, light crispy crust, balanced toppings. Aunt said her grandma slice was good.

Russ and Daughters
Picked up lox, gravlax, capers, chopped chicken liver and black and white cookies to bring out to the family for pre thanksgiving breakfast.

Katz’s for lunch
Years ago I lived three blocks from Katz’s but haven’t been back in probably 10 years. Pastrami is still sublime and the bread still sucks.

Still stuffed from late lunch we just had apps and cocktails with my niece.

Dozen bagels for the family and everything bagel with nova, capers and red onion for breakfast.
They do such high volume that the bagels are still hot out of the oven.


Great start to an eating week!

That pastrami… drool!

So we had an ess-a-bagel debate when i took pick-a-bagel bagels out west last week or so. I hate when my everything bagel has (a) almost no everything seasoning on it, and/or (2) no coverage on the bottom. Great bagels, but then I could just get a plain bagel :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Nice job

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They’re solid, maybe not the BEST, but as I said, I like that they bake them constantly so you can’t get any fresher.