22 of the Best Pizza Places in America [NYT]

It was inevitable that someone would post this…why not me?

22 pizza places


The local news (Philadelphia) covered this today. I must admit I’ve never eaten at, or even heard of, San Lucas.

I do know that wood-fired neopolitan was around before the 2000s. My fave was Michelangelo’s in the northeast; it sadly went downhill in the early 2000s (maybe as competition was heating up?).

I’m always intrigued by the love that’s been given to Pizzeria Bianco for years now. Part of me really wants to try it; part of me just knows I’d be disappointed after all the hype. I have a nephew living in AZ, so who knows–maybe some day.

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Pizzaria Bianco is now also in LA and might be easier to get a reservation

Did I miss what parameters they used, or was it just
one person’s opinion?
Not sure about why the population figures unless it was to show good pizzas can be found everywhere.

Yeah, but I don’t have a nephew to visit in LA. Besides, there are enough good choices in Philly to keep me happy.


I’d never even heard of the one in Baltimore. Which says more about me than it. :joy:


Not as good as the OG location in CenPho.

But then the CenPho location was never the same after Chris had to take a sabbatical due to health conditions.

The assocaiated article helps put the list into context.

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Thanks. The last makes much more sense with that addition.