212 Steakhouse Annual Promotion HODown maybe

At 316 East 53rd St, 212 Steakhouse is one of only a few places where you can eat actual Kobe beef in the USA. I’m sure all of us HOs know that anytime you see anything advertised as Kobe, especially the laughable hot dogs or hamburgers, run for the hills. This place serves the real thing.

The problem, for those of us not in the 1% is that you will pay through the nose for the privilege of eating the real thing. With everything a la carte, and that carte being nosebleed high, a meal here without alcohol will usually run you 2-300 pp or more if you indulge. Well, during the entire month of June, 212 Steakhouse runs an anniversary special. Basically, you get one 3 oz portion of their Kobe free when you buy another steak. We went last June and although it still ran us 300 pp, we all enjoyed our free steak.

To participate you have to be on their mailing list, so sign up on their website if you are interested. But, I posted this now because I would be willing to travel on Sunday, June 17th edit - or maybe the 24th or possibly lunch on Thursday the 28th if there is any interest in a HODown. I will check with my compatriots on the NJ board as well. All promotions are valid for as many people as you want so the more the merrier.

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I presume you know that June 17th is Father’s Day? Though Father’s Day is not nearly as busy a restaurant day as Mother’s Day, steakhouses are popular venues for honoring dads, so they can be busier than usual. We won’t be in NYC on the 17th but will be the following Sunday, the 24th.

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FWIW: I’ve had Kobe beef in Japan on numerous occasions. I was not impressed.
A nice rib eye from Wolfgang’s does it for me. Perhaps I am a “Luddite.”

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Ooops. No, my father is a long ways away and I have things every other weekend in June so I hadn’t thought about it. Well, good thing I put “Maybe” in the heading, lol. I still may be up for the 17th if we go early, or I may be available on Thursday, the 28th for lunch as well.

I will check on the 24th as well, especially if you and the Mr would be interested.

My dad died in 1981. But Michael is a dad, so there’s that. Honestly, though, we never do anything special for either Mother’s or Father’s Day.

We’ll be in the city on the 28th (dental appts.) and might be able to do lunch with you depending on the time. Of course, I’ll have to check with Mr. RBI first before firming up any plans.

Edited to add: We’ve never been to 212 Steakhouse. Checking the address, I see it’s not too far from our dentist’s office.