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Luke Tsai -

Oakland Greek Festival. May 17-19 at 4700 Lincoln Av in Oakland, $5/day


I’m again disappointed that they’re not open for lunch on Friday. The weekends are too hectic there for me.

My first taste of spanokopita was there in the early 80’s. :heart: All the yia-yias and future yia-yias making a fuss. So much love!


Re Zippo’s post on Ping Yang Thai:

For EBay folks, you can find a CA version of mok pla using salmon, at:
Wawa Thai
3009 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland (Laurel/Dimond districts)
Wawa Thai Oakland
owner/chef Wawa does some excellent Thai dishes with much less sugar than most restaurants use. She comes from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

I’ve posted on the following Thai restaurant before. It is hidden inside Alameda’s South Shore Center mall, along one of the side walkways. The clientele is almost exclusively Thai and Laotians, including families. They do not offer mok pla, but they do have many offal dishes, as well as the fried crickets and fried silkworms (the latter are actually quite good, btw!).
Monkey Thai Restaurant and Bar
2210 S Shore Center #H, Alameda
Monkey Thai Alameda


from KPIX CBS Bay Area -

Napa Valley having terrific grape harvests, but consumer tastes may be shifting demand


from NBC Bay Area: Sugar Bowl Bakery history

Vietnam refugee family finds American dream in baked goods

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This Saturday in Oakland - Chimaek Chicken and Beer Festival

It says it is “Oakland’s No 1 Chicken and Beer festival.”
What are Nos. 2 and 3?:laughing:


I always wondered that…like you see place names as First Presbyterian Church or First Interstate Bank. Which were the following?

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Maybe it’s the first of one :joy:

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I know that the Christian Scientists really do (or did) have a numbering system when it comes to the number of churches in any given city–I’d seen Second/Third/Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist (need that comma) in NYC.

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Luke Tsai and Thien eat a Steak ala Bruno and a Louie salad at the bar late night at Original Joe’s in Westlake:

Looking around a happily buzzing dining room, still more than half full well past 10 o’clock, we saw we clearly weren’t the only ones. Maybe my favorite thing about Original Joe’s Westlake is that it’s that rare “fancy” restaurant — along with House of Prime Rib and a handful of others — that feels both timeless and oddly democratic. It’s not an inexpensive restaurant, and there’s an Old World kind of formality to the servers in their black vests and starched white shirts. But you’ll find more diversity here than you will at just about any of the trendy hotspots a couple of miles north in San Francisco — diners of all ages (with the over-80 crowd especially well represented). All ethnicities. Folks in T-shirts and sweatpants and folks in full-on power suits.

BEANS AND GREENS Comfort Food From Tanzania And Uganda Rolls Through Swahili Spot. (Photo By Priscilla Mkenda)

Swahili Spot, open Fri to Sun, 11am to 5pm, 1327 Peralta St., Oakland. 510.978.9495. swahilispot.com.

from Hoodline Oakland -

Pacific Food Hall at Pacific Pearl, an Asian mini-mall located at 2705 Stoneridge Dr Ste.J – the former Mochinut Pleasanton spot – Simbongsa specializes in quabegi, a yeasted, twisted doughnut and korokke, which is akin to a savory filled doughnut

from Edible East Bay -

Sama Mansouri dreams up an Iranian sabzi garden at Reyhan Herb Farm

Reyhan Herb Farm herbs were everywhere on the menu at Helia Sadeghi’s Big Dill Kitchen pop-up. Guests assembled loghmeh from platters of noon panir sabzi while enjoying Iranian basil cake; kuku sabzi (herb frittata); seeded biscuits with cilantro compound butter; crostini with smoked tuna, grilled corn, dill, and lime aioli; pistachio mint ice cream; plus a watermelon rose refresher and cardamom mint black tea.


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Asian American Food in the Bay Area | AAPI Month | Did You Eat Yet?

In this episode, we honor AAPI month, and highlight some of the most exciting Asian American food in the Bay Area right now, and hear from some of the people behind it.

Spots Highlighted:
• Tacos Sincero
• Fikscue
• Ok’s Deli
• Sunday Bakeshop
• Miharu Ice Cream
• Mama Cho’s BBQ

from Oaklandside Nosh -

Persian restaurant Daryoush is moving from 2144 Center St in Berkeley to 1534 Locust in Walnut Creek on June 1.



Bay Area Black Restaurant Week May 17 - May 26, 2024


from jweekly -

Hummus Bodega reopens in San Francisco (5549 Geary Blvd); Juna Babka popups ( chocolate-miso sourdough babka and almond-croissant sourdough babka) around the Bay; Ode to Sammy’s Roumanian ( Marla SR, located at 208 Davis St. in downtown Santa Rosa) in Santa Rosa


Juna Instagram -



Sunchoke Miso Chocolate- sweet sourdough babka dough with 70% chocolate, brown sugar, and sharedcultures sunchoke miso filling, and chocolate chocolate chunk streusel, soaked in brown sugar simple syrup


I ate at the real Sammy’s Roumanian a couple of times during its heyday. Its experience can’t be duplicated for many reasons, not the least of which is that the space itself was a trip–what looked like a wood-paneled basement (it was one flight below street level) with hundreds and hundreds of business cards tucked in every available space.


Luke -

The Return of East Oakland’s Menudo King

“And his menudo, that famous hangover cure, may have been the best I’ve ever tasted — the tripe and the jiggly beef trotter slow-simmered until they’re slurpably soft, the broth as clean and clarifying as you can imagine.”

Todos is located at 2315 Valdez St. in Oakland.


Luke Tsai and Thien Pham discuss their late night dining series on KQED Forum radio 88.5 fm on Wednesday May 22 at 9 am and repeated at 8 pm.

Also with Jon Pellolio, owner, Pete’s 881 Club

YeeShaan , owner, YeeShaans Grubb (YSG) Halal