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After a five-year absence, Gary Soup is back at Full Noodle Frontity noodles.guru talking about his new Joyoung noodle maker -



Today Jan 3 on KQED FM radio 88.5 Forum at 9 am, repeated at 8 pm and available later online -

Three food writers discuss their favorite Bay Area dishes for 2023 -

Luke Tsai, food editor of KQED

Elena Kadvany, SF Chronicle

Lauren Saria, editor SF Eater

Alexis Madrigal, host

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We're speaking w/ @theluketsai, @ekadvany and @lhsaria about their favorite dishes from 2023.

❓What was the best thing you ate last year? Is there a dish you want to try in 2024?


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from KQED -

In 2023, … [Luke Tsai’s] list included Korean-style sourdough toast from Rize Up Bakery, braised oxtails from Haitian restaurant T’Chaka, and the mezze brunch board from Palestinian restaurant Lulu.


Nice read. Worked at Michelin star places, then had realization his parents could never afford to eat at those places…so a change was in order.


Danielle Echeverria in the Chronicle -

While the city’s first Basque hotel was built in the 1860s, according to Zubiri, who wrote a book about the history of Basque communities throughout the U.S., the 1950s through ’70s were the heyday for the Basque community in San Francisco. At that time, several Basque boardinghouses or hotels where new Basque immigrants would stay, were in operation on and around Broadway, between Chinatown and Little Italy in North Beach — an area once dubbed “Basquetown” by the Chronicle.



The old sign for the Basque Hotel still hangs outside 15 Romolo, a vestige of the area’s Basque influences.
The old sign for the Basque Hotel still hangs outside 15 Romolo, a vestige of the area’s Basque influences.

Frederic Larson/The Chronicle


Macs By Icky Cafe (3900 Smith St., Union City) will host its grand opening on Sat., Jan. 13, from noon to 5 p.m. RSVP here.

Ra Pu Zel and the Stinky Tofu is available where books are sold. Compestine and Kung, the illustrator, will appear at Hicklebee’s (1378 Lincoln Ave., San José) on Saturday, Jan. 13, for storytime and a drawing demonstration.


I couldn’t believe that Andersen’s Pea Soup closed down just like that. There’s something fishy going on.

At least the Santa Nella one is still open.


My guess is they suffered from the pandemic…and less traffic through that area, plus an aging demographic target, other options available…and sitting down for 1.25 hours to eat lunch on a road trip…but it could be something weird. Car travel has improved greatly from 100 years ago, so the nice place to stop is less an issue.


Some of the reports I’ve read on line say that they closed due to issues with the physical building and hope to renovate and open again at some point. Usually a business like that would provide a specific re-opening target, so………… :thinking:

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Agree, if it was in need of renovation, a business that old with a following, you’d think they’d release a statement, plan, date. I don’t know if it’s still a family, mom and pop place but often it’s a case of no family member wants to run it.

I think the last time I was at PSA was 20+ years ago. For a drive between NorCal and SoCal…that much time to eat, seems like a lot. Also, I’ve never had a hankering for split pea soup, let alone make it a destination. If it’s on a menu, I might get it. Otherwise, taco trucks or something…faster, cheaper, tastier.

Information and registration for all events: botanicalgarden.berkeley.edu


Soleil Ho on the economics of running a restaurant in SF -


From SFGate -

Shan Dong only keeps the dumplings frozen for one to two days, since turnover is so high: The restaurant serves 1,500 to 2,000 dumplings a day, with one or two dedicated staff members boiling batches of 50 dumplings at a time from the minute the restaurant opens. One would be hard-pressed to notice any difference in dumpling freshness.


Shan Dong Restaurant, 328 10th St., Oakland. Open Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. and 4 p.m.-9 p.m, Friday & Saturday, 11 a.m-3 p.m. and 4 p.m.-9:30 p.m.


SF Chronicle 18Jan2024:

New S.F. cafe serves ‘Russian quesadillas’ and rare pastries – AyDea, at the corner of Sixth and Bryant streets, opened this week with traditional flavors from Tatarstan, a republic within Russia that is home to Tatars. Sweet blinchiki is a Russian crepe rolled with seasonal fruit and yogurt, and B/L sandwiches are made with zang, a Russian variety of layered dough similar to a croissant.
[free link]
AyDea, Tartar cafe in SoMa SF
799 Bryant St. @6th St., SF. 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.


Check, Please! Bay Area

KQED-HD - 9.1 Sat, 1/20, 12:00 PM 30 min

“Arizmendi Emeryville Bakery & Pizzeria, Luna Mexican Kitchen, Shizen, Outer”


Edible insects in San Mateo.

Today in the SF Chronicle Esther Mobley reports that Anchor Brewing is up for bid and a new SF-based owner is expected to close the deal by the end of the month with plans for limited production of 20,000 barrels/year (down from 175k) for the local market.

I couldn’t link to the SF Chron article because I hit a paywall but got this info from a report from KCBS Radio.


from SF Eater -

Here Are the San Francisco Bay Area’s 2024 James Beard Awards Restaurant and Chef Semifinalists

Check out the full list

by Dianne de Guzman Jan 24, 2024, 7:09am PST