2024 Food Garden

They are Anaheims and bakloutis. Gotta check my notes from last year.

ETA: Those Anaheims should be up by now. Last two years they took 18ish days.

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Just yesterday I got an order in for a last few packets of herb seeds I want to try this year as well as some nifty-looking silicone seed starting pots. I already ordered a bunch of seeds in December and January (couldn’t wait) and will get going with my early stuff as soon as the potting supplies arrive. I’ll be cleaning up and mending my plots this weekend; won’t be putting anything in except snap peas in February but hope to have lots of lettuces and flowers ready for March.

I am super excited to try starting tomatoes from seed for the first time this year. Fuzzy on whether or not the ones I saved are from an open-pollinated variety or an F1 hybrid, but I was impressed enough with this one variety to have a go at collecting a few seeds. Wish me luck! (I’ll be buying tomato starts as usual in May either way). Happy 2024 gardening!

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I do the cascadia snow peas myself. Even if I put them in tonight I cannot fathom having snap peas in April; there just isn’t enough sun here!


I’m behind. I have to start getting some seedlings started. :pensive:

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Thanks, all!


:hatching_chick: You can do it, little one!

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I’m considering using most of my garden space for flowers this year, and returning to growing tomatoes in containers. My very first tomato crop, the first summer of the pandemic, was in containers, and it “worked,” but was very chaotic because I was growing enormous heirloom plants without understanding that I’d need to support them.

I also feel like I need to do this because my garden is small and I understand you’re not supposed to grow tomatoes in the same spot year after year, and I don’t have much flexibility within the garden.

Folks who have grown dwarf varieties: what’s your favorite?

For context, the (heirloom) varieties we’ve decided we love to eat for several years running (1) purple cherokee for slicer, and (2) black cherry for cherry tomatoes. I don’t want to grow paste tomatoes, and I absolutely loathe the super-hybridized varieties that are commonly available.

Any dwarf variety recos appreciated.

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Yay! I have been growing Dwarf Tomatoes in containers for about 10 years! I can tell you which ones I grow every year.

I think I’ve been trying to grow Uluhru Ochre And Dwarf Caitydid for awhile, but couldn’t get seed for one of them.

I get my seeds at Victory Seeds,

and they have more than Tomato Fest, or even the Dwarf Tomato Project website. One of the two original leaders, Craig Lehoulier, runs the Northern Hemisphere website, and did a podcast. I’m not sure if he still does.

I grow every year, and the only tomato I grow two of . I mostly grow because I like to grow tomatoes; more than I like eating them! I grow larger tomatoes and try to get all the colors, but aside from gazpacho, mostly appreciate the ones I can cook with.


Sneaky Sauce (I know you don’t want pastes, but these are the only tomatoes, besides Principle Borghese (not a Dwarf, and the only small/cherry )


Perfect Harmony

Beauty King

Blazing Beauty

Purple Heart

Wild Fred

Fred’s Tie Die

Rosella Purple - said to be most like Purple Cherokee

Malee Rose


Given what I specified as my preferences I can’t tell which ones you are recommending or why you are recommending them. I very much enjoy eating tomatoes. Which do you enjoy eating and why?

Also are none of these cherry tomatoes…? Can’t tell from your post.

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My apologies!

I was so hoping you wouldn’t ask that! I was so excited, perhaps I didn’t read carefully.

I did notice you asked about cherries, and confessed the only cherry I grow is Principe Borghese. I don’t grow Dwarf cherries.

I can’t recommend many for eating if you don’t want pastes. I actually prefer pastes in the kitchen.

Not really a recommendation, but I grow most or all of these every year because I like the colors and size. That’s not a good reason to recommend them for eating. They are pretty though, and the plants are attractive and compact. I think they all make pretty slices if you can water them right, and they don’t crack or get blossom end rot. That depends a lot on your climate. Mine is extremely hot and dry. How about yours?

I think most of these are “beefsteak” sized, or “slicers”.

I do like Awsome for sandwiches because they are sweet and fruity, but I don’t know if you like that.
I like almost any of these in gazpacho, but not the purple ones, because I don’t like how they look in gazpacho.

I do recommend Rosella Purple, if you like Purple Cherokee.

Wish I could be more help. I do love growing Dwarf Tomatoes.

I am ready. I still have some shishito seeds, and thai chili pepper seeds from last year’s harvest. The challenge now is trying to figure out how to fit this in my pots and garden.

I bought a few varieties of green onion/scallion seeds too. Waiting for those to come. I expect what I had last year to pop up again, but I’ve noticed that the squirrels have been digging up a lot of my onion bulbs the last few summers. :expressionless:


You got this @kobuta ! All of us do!

Aji Amarillo and Scotch Bonnet “Jean” seedlings in an aerogarden. The Scotch Bonnet are the smaller ones, and they are all about 18 days from seeding.

In a week or so I hope to start tomatoes and ann peppers.


Trying this

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Oooh. I love collards.

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And I love it when people post recipe ideas with their garden surplus. :yum:

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