2024 European Food Crawl ( Spain, France, UK ) - Casa Julian, Tolosa

Our trip’s first meal was at this gorgeous and quaint historic, medieval town . It also turned out to be one of the top three meals we had during our 2 weeks-plus long food crawl vacation.
The 1.5 kg piece of Rib Steak on the Bone was shared amongst the three of us. Dry aged for over 60 days, this Spanish breed of the French Simmental cattle, raised in Alpine and German pasture was oh so flavourful! Perfectly charred, crusted and seasoned with flake salt and cooked to ’ rare ', this must be ranked as one of the best tasting pieces of steak I have ever come across! Fully justifiable to be called the BEST steak house in Europe!
However, to us, the side dishes of grilled Romaine Lettuce, Artichokes, Giant Leeks, In-season Catalan white Asparagus and broiled Sweet Piquillo peppers were even more stand-out, tasty and impressive! Flavour bombs hitting from all side!
As well we also had the Beef sausage and hand-cut Beef Tartare starters. For dessert, delicious Rice pudding and Basque chocolate cake rounded off a near perfect and great value meal!
Wow! What a mind-blowing dining experience! Definitely worth making a side trip from San Sebastian for!
BTW, we also arrived in town where a food market was being held! The arrays of local wild mushrooms dis

played by the vendors were simply mind boggling!!


Look at those gorgeous mushrooms :star_struck:

Absolutely amazing, Charles!

I have never been to Tolosa and you have now made me think of planning a trip to that area for next year. Every single photo of that food just jumps off the page…I wish it would jump into my mouth…

I had those sausages (Txistorra) in Madrid at La Catapa last month and they might have been the best sausage I’ve ever eaten.


Your meal looks wonderful, and the dining room is just how I remember it, very quaint, rustic and hasn’t changed much at all since the Gorrotxategi family took over way back in the day, as the former owner insisted that it remain exactly the same.

You´re so lucky to have hit Tolosa on market day. The two temples of txuleta, Casa Julián and Asador Nicolás right across the river, two of the Basque Country´s finest beef steak temples (but there are several others…).

And if you do someday return, the new location of AMA TABERNA, the new Tolosa dining star.

And if you love red beans, the black bean stew from the now opened Frontón is another great stop, as is the txakolí winery and restaurant Bodegas Hika, just north of Tolosa where the former chef of Frontón, Roberto Ruiz, now brings in diners from all over for his renowned alubias de Tolosa.
His menu is worth the drive! Two Repsol suns.