2024 EUROPEAN FOOD-CRAWL - San Sebastian Part 2....Beaches, Sunset and ‘ Ganbara ‘.

Weather permitting, the itinerary of the day would involve exploring the commercial downtown core, a visit to the beaches and, depending on the cloud cover, loiter around in the hope of seeing a spectacular San Sebastian sunset. Thereafter, a short walk to another popular eating destination ‘ Ganbara ‘ for more tapas/pintxos style food and more!

Thanks to mother nature we managed to achieve all of the above!![:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:|16x16]

Here are a few food related notes and highlights:

  1. The giant wild Red Prawns though good but not worth the over CAD30 per prawn!
    2)The Foie Gras was nicely seared, caramelized and generous in portion size! Best tasting and value Foie Gras a la plancha!
  2. Nice surprise. Juicy and flavorful monkfish, prawns and scallops brocehette
  3. Sliced Spanish oranges with citrus infused caramel syrup, candied orange zest and homemade ice cream.
    Best dessert eaten during entire trip. Simple yet elegant, refreshing and super-delicious.://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t20/1/16/1f61c.png)


Lovely, Charles. Did you try the percebes?

Yes! Just once in La Paradeta in Barcelona…very expensive for a few morsels. Actually, it’s really not that special. Sweet, chewy with seawater umami component. But personally, I prefer molluscs with ’ bigger ’ portion muscle meat like Geoduck Clams ( Mirugai ) or Abalone. ( though I must admit I’m not comparing apples with apples! )

Are you still living in NYC?!

Yes, when are you are coming here? I return to Spain this month but only for about three weeks…keep me posted.

I will never forget that Yunnan ham in HK with you!!!

I imagined that would be true about the percebes but you know I will have to try a few in Galicia later this month!

Keep up the good reporting, and photos.

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