2024 European Food Crawl - Reims, Champagne…..Lunch at the Michelin 3*, La Liste #4 L’Assiette Champenoise.


Located on the outskirts of Reims, just a short convenient bus ride from the town center. This charismatic Relais & Chateau property nestles in the middle of an immaculately groomed piece of tranquil estate land. Exuding grace, style and class, the charming premise provides a perfect back-drop for a culinary adventure outing.

With sparse TGV train service connecting Reims to Paris on a weekend. Our choice of tasting menu was highly dependent on the anticipated length and ‘duration‘ of the affair. Since only a narrow 3+ hours window was allowed for our meal and hopefully sufficient time for us to catch our return train back to Paris, we opted for the less elaborate option.

From a total enjoyment perspective, we would rank this impressive and spectacular meal to be our second most pleasurable and memorable meal of the 3 weeks long European food crawl. ( our number one choice being the rustic Spanish steak dinner at Tolosa, Spain ).

Every dish that came out from the talented kitchen was impeccably crafted and executed. Timing of the cooking process was spot-on, resulting in near perfection of all the major ingredients. That stunning Pigeon and Squab Pie, a prime example!..Wow!! A true specimen of masterful culinary art indeed! No wonder the chef decided to cut open the pie in order to show-off the perfect end-result! And those glorious sauces……the heart and soul of true French Haute Cuisine, absolutely ‘magnifique’, in consistency, texture and taste!

IMO, the exceptional cuisine and overall ‘total package‘ experience is definitely worth a special journey!