2024 European Food Crawl - Reims, Champagne…..A side trip to visit ‘ the other Notre Dame ‘ and lunch at the 3* L’Assiette Champenoise ( Part 1 )

Before focusing my effort in reviewing our latest mind-blowing meal at the Michelin 3* L’Assiette Champenoise. Based on past experiences and this recent encounter, I would like to make an off-the-cuff comment……. “ Not All Michelin 3 stars are created equal……there are 3 stars and then there are 3 STARS!! “

Case-in-point……using the Amuse Bouche offered at my recent NYC’s 3* Le Bernardin meal and compare with those at the 3* L’Assiette Champenoise as example…….the differences were simply night and day

The one offered at Le Bernardin was a pathetic ‘communal’ bowl of ho-hum Salmon Rillette, which we had to pass around amongst ourselves and served with some ‘ off ‘, chewy instead of crispy bread chips. Honestly, I can make a better rendition at home!

On the other hand, at L’Assiette Champenoise, we were brought a spectacular assortment of visually stunning and gorgeously delicious creations…… .from delicacies using Foie Gras to seafood mousse and caviar to18 months old Comte cheese….etc.

IMHO, this is a fine example in calling attention to the unreliability, bias and inconsistency of some so-called authoritative food and restaurant reviews……be they from the renown Michelin guide, Gault Millau, Opinionated-about-dining, La Liste, San Pellegrino World’s top 100 or even Google review……etc. In picking a dining venue, it is therefore prudent to do some advanced homework and comparative analysis using a variety of sources!

San Pellegrino, IMO, produces one of the most insider biased and ‘ out-of-whack ‘ lists! Featuring so many weird and unworthy candidates in the top 100 list, whilst omitting some real stand-outs completely, it is obvious that some sort of partisan insider input was involved. On the current 2024 list were some restaurants I have frequented in the past, but found overhyped and overrated. These include #8 Atomix in NYC, #21 Den in Tokyo, #24 Septime in Paris, #44 Le Bernardin in NYC, Narisawa #51 in Tokyo…. etc.

As for the exquisite and superb L’ Assiette Champenoise?!..comparing to some of their esteemed peers in France on the list, eg., #24 Septime ( tried), Bruno Verjus #10, L’ Arpege #62 ( tried ), Le Clarence #67 and Alleno Paris Ledoyen #78 (tried )….this culinary gem was not even on the top 100 list!..Go figure??!

My two cents!..and sorry for the rant!


I was thinking about booking L’Assiette for our trip lat November and already I am regretting not doing so based on your first post.

All one needs to know about the World’s 50 best and Asia 50 best is that there are frequently no Japan-based restaurants on the list which are not French, French-Japanese fusion or Den. It’s just impossible to think that given the quality of the cuisine in Japan nothing merits inclusion. I don’t frequent Paris or France enough to comment on the reliability of France based restaurants on the list but the few I have been to (Septime in 2012 and a few others) haven’t seemed to justify their position in contrast to several places that I expect are similar to L’Assiette.

Looking forward to the rest of your review.


Buckle up when you see the dessert presentation!! The mignardise dessert presentation even bests the amuse bouche in visual impact!!..and they tasted pretty darn good as well!