2024 European Food Crawl - Paris…….Dinner at Josephine Chez Dumonet

A much needed replenishment of lost energy and nutrients, during the past food-poisoning related ‘Tempus Horribilis‘, took us to this Parisian institution. Featured in Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservation‘ ….etc, the popularity of this iconic place, especially its famed Boeuf Bourguignon, needs no further introduction.

However, for our hearty, classic traditional French bistro fare this evening, we decided to give the BB a pass and opted for something else.

Pre-order amuse: Cream of wild mushroom soup

For starter, we ordered:

  • House smoked ‘ Saumon Fume par Jean Christian ‘ ( Moist and

oily, well balanced and seasoned )

  • Stuffed Morel Mushrooms with Foie Gras ( Decadent and tasty.

The morsel size is just perfect for my sensitive system )

For mains, we chose:

  • Millefeuille de Pigeon ( Though the perfectly cooked pigeon was

great. However, I enjoyed the aromatic, crispy and oh-so buttery

potato slices more! )

  • House special Cassoulet ( Man! This was one enormous size dish

for a lady! However, my daughter loved it, though I found the ‘garlic‘

component of the seasoning is a bit overwhelming for my taste! )

For myself and my daughter, the impetus for choosing this place was actually NOT the savory dishes but the desserts!! The amazingly delicious and gigantic size ‘Millefeuille’ for her and the much missed ‘Tarte Fine Chaude aux Pommes’ for me!..It has been a loooong while!!

Overall, for me, a much needed, satisfying and calorie filled meal after five days of near starvation!😋😁