2024 European Food Crawl - London……Dinner at Michelin 1* Trishna

Tonight’s meal at the Indian 1* restaurant, Trishna was one of the key reasons why we made a special detour to visit London from Paris. Though all three of us are lovers of good Indian cuisine. However, to date, during our course of traveling and eating world wide, none of us has yet had the opportunity to savor a good Michelin star caliber Indian dining experience.

The moment we step into Trishna, we immediately sense an air of sophistication and class normally exuded by a Michelin star establishment. From the friendly reception to the classy ambience, to the table setting with stemware, the attentive service etc and wine pairing offering, this is undoubtedly a dapper dining set up.

We ordered a la carte from a varied, interesting and diverse menu containing dishes with quite a few unfamiliar terms and alien sounding and exotic ingredients. With the help of our well mannered and knowledgeable server we ordered the following dishes and then……’ kept our fingers crossed ‘!!

  • Papadum and Chutney trio

  • Nandu Varuval ( Masala fried Soft Shell Crabs, white crab, Tomato Chutney )

  • Hariyali Sea Bream ( Green chili, Coriander, Smoked Tomato Kachumber )

  • Hiran Kiboti ( Tandoori Venison, Tadka Dahi, Bonda, Pickled Venison )

  • Gongura Lamb ( Welsh Lamb, Sorel Leaf, Guntar, Teja Chilli )

  • Dorset Brown Crab ( Coconut Oil, Pepper, Garlic, Curry Leaf )

  • Pepper Chicken Biryani ( Basmati, Saffron, Cashew, Pink Peppercorn Raita )

  • Duck Keema Naan ( Shredded duck, Ginger, Green Chilli, Peppercorn Raita )

  • Tandoori Pineapple and Coconut dessert ( Coconut Bavarois, Bebinca, Basil

Lemon Curd, Coconut Jaggery Sorbet )

  • Petit Fours

Well, to answer your $64K question……How was the food?!

I have to honestly say, ‘ I don’t Know?! ‘…plenty of hits but with a miss here and there.

Yes, there were indeed some spectacular tasting creations.The stand outs being the Creamy and complex Dorset Brown Crab curry, loaded with crab meat in a fantastic sauce that was perfect with rice. Another winner was the Hariyali Sea Bream. Smothered in a delicious coating, the perfectly cooked fish was flavourful, juicy and moist. This Hariyali dish was definitely a level or two up than any Toronto Hariyali dish offering. The Gungura Lamb curry was how a fine Lamb curry should be cooked…captivating taste profile coupled with attractive texture brought about by some tender and manageable chewy tendons. The complexly conceived dessert was unexpectedly inviting and delectable. A total surprise from an Indian Kitchen!

My only disappointments of the evening were the pieces of slightly overcooked Tandoori Venison. If only instructions were given for them to be cooked medium rare, that would have been perfect! The fried Soft Shell Crab sounded attractive and appealing on paper. But in reality, the overcooked crab plus the heavily battered and firm coating, sadly diminishes the overall taste and mouthfeel.

BTW, the star of the evening was NOT a food related dish but the Cocktail drink Evelyn ordered! - A lip smacking good “ Toddy Shop Sour “ ( Tanqueray 10 Gin, Green Tea, Coconut Blossom Milk, Lemon Egg White, Peach )!..incredible how someone can come up with such a tasty concoction using some weird combination of ingredients?

All in all, an enjoyable, wonderful and eye-opening dining experience!


Maybe a different dish but the soft shell crab was a winner when we ate there in 2015. It was part of a seven course tasting menu.