2024 European Food Crawl - Barcelona to Paris…..Hotel accommodation, nearby attractions and Rue Cler

The next leg of our trip involved transporting my ‘ food poisoning bug ‘ by air, from Barcelona to Paris, with a short stop-over in Munich. Under normal circumstances, we would be displeased about the extra couple of hours of traveling time. ( The result of members in my frequent flier program not providing direct flights between our two destinations ). However, with my weakened condition and fragile digestive system, a stop over in Munich, with the use of Lufthansa’s Business Class Lounge……and its washrooms was a huge blessing! Ha! 😅

We arrived in Paris during the middle of a cold spell! Temperature was in the single digits and we were totally underdressed and unprepared!

The route our Uber took from CDG to our boutique hotel gave us an unexpected quick tour of some of the city’s major tourist attractions!..First time I did a complete loop around the challenging Arc de Triomphe round-about in a car!!

Our hotel was conveniently located on a quiet side street, within walking distance to the Metro. However, the most appealing factor was the famous food-street ‘ Rue Cler ‘ ( put on the foodie map by the late Anthony Bourdain! ) being located directly next to it! Sadly, for the first couple of days, I was not in the right frame of mind or health condition to fully explore and appreciate it!

Though I felt noxious looking at the amazing food display in the various specialty stores, delicatessen and eateries…etc. However, the sight of florists and fruit stands somehow had a calming and healing effect on me?!

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Hope you get (got?) to eat plenty of white asparagus and strawberries, both in high season ATM.

For future reference - in Europe it is always worth investigating train connections (especially between big cities) - it’s a 7 hours ride between Barcelona and Paris which isn’t much longer than if you include security checks at airports etc. and you see much more from Europe


Yup!! We started eating those seasonal delicacies in Spain ( Tolosa, San Sebastian and Barcelona ) and moved on to Paris and Reims. I even bought some canned ones! Literally overwhelmed by them in restaurants! By the end of our vacation, I think my son and I have developed an ’ Asparagus phobia ’ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Thank you for your valuable advice!
For this trip, rather than pay out of pocket, I try to use as many ’ frequent flyer points ’ as possible.