2024 EUROPEAN FOOD-CRAWL - Barcelona…..accommodation, random sights, seafood lunch at ‘ La Paradeta ‘.

With direct flights from San Sebastian or nearby Bilbao to Barcelona few and far between on a Sunday. We decided to take an early 6.00 am high-speed train from Donista to Barcelona. To our surprise, the train was packed!

After a pleasant 5+ hour ride, we arrived at Barcelona’s Sant train station, which was only a couple of minutes walk from our hotel. Taking advantage of a timely promotion, I managed to secure a couple of superbly comfortable guest rooms at this conveniently located, ‘ Zen themed ‘ Japanese owned hotel for a great price!

Upon checking in and feeling absolutely famished, we immediately followed Evelyn’s lead and headed out to the popular and her favorite, ‘ choose your own seafood ‘ restaurant ‘ La Paradeta ‘ for an eye-opening and sumptuous seafood centric meal.

Afterwards, to work off some calories and prepare ourselves for the evening’s dinner, we took a random walking tour around some of the city’s popular parks and gardens ( leaving a visit to Sagrada Familia for a special day ).

Weather was fantastic, the food was great, the hotel rooms were super comfortable and the TV, a giant 60 inch one!…….We cannot ask for more. Ha! 😁


Good for you for having snagged a great rate at the new Nobu.
We just checked out the Nobu in Sevilla (yes, another Zen theme) and the one in San Sebastián, which has great views of La Concha and sits nicely above the fray. The Nobu Madrid hasn’t opened yet.

Quite a seafood bounty at La Paradeta!


Yes! Limited time promotion was 60% off the regular room rate!
Great amenities but IMO, room size is a bit small for the price they are charging.

Yipes! 60% off the regular room rate? That was a steal.

The Nobu Sevilla rooms are a good size, 25 square meters, and the Nobu San Sebastián, 28 square meters but the SS rooms are outrageously expensive in high season.

Looking forward to more of your dining reports!

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Charles…you really scooped out a great hotel and what looks like a restaurant that I need to put on my list! Those dishes are just my style…top-notch product, simply prepared.

Keep the photos and commentary coming…super job!

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