2023 Spring Tea

So excited! The first cup of spring from the new 2023 Ming Qian Longjing tea. This flavor is silky and rich, fresh and sweet, and full of spring.
What’s your first cup of tea for 2023?


The Kand Hayati videos on Youtube always include the anonymous farmer (I call him Beldar, but also Mister Tea) collecting all sorts of herbs, leaves, berries, and flowers to stuff the pot in which he brews tea. Sometimes there’s a little black tea included, but he never brews just black tea.

I am fond of some of the blends from www.august.la, especially Cabaret, which is black tea with dark chocolate, malt, and dried cherries.

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Interesting. I have just purchased chocolate husk for tea brewing (not really tea as in tea leaves). It is interesting. It smells like chocolate.

I do three teas…

Hot: Stash Double Bergamot.
Iced: Black with Lemon and Sugar; Thai (always looking for/experimenting with recipes).

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The Cabaret tea sounds delicious. I just ordered a small 15 cup bag to try - thank you!

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Just tried the Cabaret tea today - it’s delicious! Thanks again.

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I’ve been enjoying Brazilian passionfruit tisane. I also bought a fennel tisane that I haven’t tried yet, and a Portuguese lemongrass tisane which I like .

the cabaret sounds delicious. but wow, is that expensive — works out to more than $100/pound!

i was coming to share my recent chocolate tea find: harney’s florence — chocolate and hazelnuts, no cherries, though. but, it’s $30/pound and free shipping. been cold brewing : 10 gms tea per quart of water; 4 days in fridge. great straight, also nice with a bit of coconut milk,.

haney’s florence tea

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