2023 Northern and Central California Food News and Journalism [SF Bay Area, Northern California, Central California, Northern Nevada]

SFGate is looking for a new food editor. I think that it now is independent of the Chronicle and has high viewership numbers.

Nowruz, Persian New Year, starts Monday March 20 at 2:24 pm


A video on Nowruz from last year from Beaverton, Oregon showing significance of various dishes -

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This event is free with registration. It’s on April 2 at 2 pm in Oakland Chinatown OACC at 388 9th Street. There is garage parking, BART access and service on several AC Transit lines.

Have You Eaten Yet? A Conversation with Cheuk Kwan & Martin Yan on Food and the Chinese Diaspora

April 2 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Excerpt -

Author and film-maker Cheuk Kwan, a self-described “card-carrying member of the Chinese diaspora,” weaves a global narrative by linking the myriad personal stories of chefs, entrepreneurs, labourers, and dreamers who populate Chinese kitchens worldwide. Have You Eaten Yet? Stories from Chinese Restaurants Around the World is an eye-opening and soul-nourishing journey through Chinese food around the world.

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Roasted and Raw vegan at 607 14th St in Downtown Oakland.

La Cocina Municipal Marketplace in SF’s Tenderloin has Senegalese food and SF’s only Algerian oitlet.


Excerpt -

His distinctive images and lettering, inspired by German Art Nouveau and Japanese woodblock prints, among other influences, and refracted through his own fastidious sensibilities, appeared on Chez Panisse matchbooks, menus, cookbooks and the posters he made every year to celebrate the restaurant’s anniversaries.

Salmon fishing season on California coast has been cancelled for a year due to the aftereffects of years of drought.

Nowruz is March 20 -

Madeline Wells in SFGate. -

Taqueria La Venganza
1805 Telegraph. (inside Emporium Arcade)

Owner Raul Medina holds a plate of his vegan tacos from La Venganza inside Emporium Arcade Bar in Oakland, Calif., on March 9, 2023.

Douglas Zimmerman/SFGATE


Hip Hop and Food

Luke Tsai on KQED FM Radio 88.5 today March 15 at 9 am and repeated at 8 pm. It will be available online soon.

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Oakland Restaurant Week. MARCH 16 - 26.

Oakland Vegan Trail.

Susana Guerrero in SFGate on Takahashi Market in San Mateo -

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Sorry to hear about the Shake Shack.

Test program to offer free taxi rides for SF late-night restaurant workers.

California almonds, migratory beekeepers, bee bandits…

Dion Lim on ABC 7 SF News -

“It is a very unique combo! I’ve never seen another place like it.” Sweet Passion Bakery, the city’s only Chinese/Irish bakery, usually sells several dozen loaves of Irish soda bread per day. But that number skyrockets to more than a thousand on St. Patrick’s Day. https://abc7ne.ws/3yQOYEg

Sweet Passion Bakery
3020 Taraval St


Eve Batey writes about 10 years of NOSH in Berkeleyside/The Oaklandside and its distinctive daily coverage of the East Bay food scene.


Spotlight on California Grenache

Che Fico offers a free dinner as part of a scholarship program -

TCHO Chocolate Factory Nightlife Event
Thursday, March 23, 5:30–8:30pm

3100 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
Cost: $35
Ticket link HERE


Sorabol K Banchan just opened a few days ago at 4013 Telegraph in Oakland near the MacArthur BART Station. My guess is that it’s Korean banchan takeout with a few tables but will check it out in a few days and take some pictures. One yelp review so far.


Passover starts at sundown on Wed April 5 for 8 days.

Bagels are not kosher for Passover because they are leavened.

Correction: Sorabol K Banchan at Telegraph Av and 40th St in Oakland is scheduled to open on Friday March 24. The lone yelp review was from a pre-opening event.

It is accessible by AC Transit lines 6 Telegraph, 57 MacArthur, MacArthur BART station, free shuttles Emery-go-Round, Kaiser and Children’s Hospital. Be careful if eating kimchi on a bus.

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I’m going to give a shout-out to the bagels at Toscano Bakery in North Beach (aka Dago Bagels, named for the fact that Tony G was called a dago when he was building out the bakery). They’re very breadlike and have a good chew. I make a point to go there whenever I need bagels, and maybe also pick up a sandwich. Toscano is on Vallejo near Powell, and is only open Thursday through Sunday.