2023 New York Food Crawl - Day 3 ( cont’d ) " Lobster place, Chelsea Market " - Gone Bonkers and went on a Bivalve rampage!!

At least 5 dozens of Cherry stone Clams, 2 dozens of oysters, Little neck Clams, Jonas Stone-Crab Claws, Diver’s Scallops Crudo and the ’ Creme de la Creme ’ Wild California Santa-Barbara Uni!!

I think our order totally pissed off our two oyster shuckers!!😝

Of the 8 different varietal of East Coast Oysters tried…Glidden Point, Mere Point, Sunken Meadow, Willow’s hole…etc.

‘INDIGO’ was our favorite stand-out! Creamy and sweet and not overly salty. Absolutely delightful!!


OMG my kind of feast. I think I mentioned it before: I could gorge myself to death at the Lobster place.

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I’m sure you tipped them well—that is a lot of shucking shucking.

I’m curious—did they do a good job of shucking? Everything looks phenomenal.


Do you tip the shuckers separately from the main bill? (Asking genuinely, bec I’m not a big oyster eater so the most that I would ever order is 6 or 12 for whoever I’m eating with.)

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I don’t. (And I am a big oyster eater.) I can’t think of an instance in which I’d tip the person preparing my food.

Oh yes!! Perfect presentation!


If it’s a large order, I have slipped them a little extra for their efforts. I think it’s been appreciated. And it removes my guilt for a task that is usually done out in the open.

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At the Oyster House on Sansom St in Philly we always tip the shuckers, but we only ever go there specifically for oysters. Obviously, the waiter gets the usual 20% for water/drinks we order on the side, but the shuckers get extra.

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How many of you were there? And may I be crude and ask how much?

There were 5 of us eating the raw stuff.
My kids treated me so I don’t have the correct figure of the final bill…
However, here’s the 'raw bar ’ menu with pricing of the bivalves we ordered. Should give you a rough idea with some calculating

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Thanks. Given Baltimore’s best oysters are priced similarly, these prices are not outrageous. And they offer things that are hard to find near home. I think we might wander by next weekend.


Nicely done! I’m an oyster fan too but prefer clams on the half when available.

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We wound up going to Los Mariscos that trip. But we came back in November and loved The Lobster Place. Thanks for turning us on to two places, one by name and one by chance.

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