2023 New York Food Crawl - Day 1 ( cont'd ) " Yakitori Totto - Michelin Bib Gourmand ( Japanese )

With most higher end/Michelin star Yakitori places like Torishin or Torien offering only Omakase options for dinner. We decided to eat at the more casual, ‘a-la-carte’ Yakitori Totto instead. The main reason being a few of our party are not fans of ’ innards ’ and would therefore prefer to have the flexibility to customize their own fix…eg., loaded up on chicken skin or, in my case…chicken ass! Yup! paraphrasing from my good ’ Nippon-phile foodie ’ friend…" No decent Yakitori meal is complete without ordering chicken ass '!!

Man! Did we go bonkers on this meal or what? The less adventurous ones loaded up on their beloved chicken skin, wings and thighs whilst the innard lovers stacked up their order with hearts, gizzard, livers and yes!! the ass!! All perfectly seasoned and cooked!

On top, we ordered their nightly, limited edition Wagyu Beef Meatball which was absolutely delicious! Crisp and well caramelized on the outside and super juicy inside…and that sweet teriyaki glaze! Wow!

However, the stand out ’ stars of the evening ’ were not chicken related. One was a super delectable Grilled Eggplant in Ponzu sauce, the other, a lovely stirred fry mixed mushroom dish and finally a ‘foie gras’ like broiled Unagi…nicely charred and sticky sweet, melt-in-the-mouth good!!

So far, batting 100, 2 out of 2! Not bad, not bad at all!👌💯😋


Is that recent? I’ve eaten at Tori Shin many times and never omakase (menu on their website has a la carte options after the omakase pages).

I like Totto too (tsukune might be my favorite skewer there) – thanks for the pics, need to get back there soon!

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For parties of 6 or more…no a-la-carte, only omakase.

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One of my favorites. It’s been a while and this is reminding me I need to get back soon.

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