2022 Boston Food Truck Schedule

Here’s the 2022 Boston food truck schedule…

May 16, 2022

As the weather gets warmer, you may wish to dine outdoors, and Boston’s lively food truck scene is a great way to get a quick bite to eat.

This season’s food truck season has already begun, and it will be one of growth for the program according to city spokesperson T.J. Flaherty.

“Prior to the pandemic, the program became very popular with consumers and businesses alike. Now, we are enhancing our focus on improving the program as we move toward recovery and revitalization,” he told Boston.com. The Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion has waived all fees for the 2022 food truck season, a barrier that some small businesses face to getting started. All vendors who have already paid their fees will be refunded.

On June 25, the Hot Dog Safari Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival will be held at Suffolk Downs.

Back Bay
Boston Public Library (Central)

Thursdays: Chicken and Rice Guys
Saturdays: Sweet Bubble

Clarendon Street

Mondays: Chicken and Rice Guys
Tuesdays: Moyzilla
Wednesdays: Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers
Thursdays: Tacos Calleteco

Beacon Hill

Mondays: Bon Me, Moyzilla

## Boston University

BU East (Commonwealth Ave at Morse Auditorium)

Wednesdays: Zaaki, Chicken and Rice Guys
Thursdays: Zinnekens

## Downtown

City Hall Plaza, Fisher Park

Tuesdays: Revelry, Tacos Calleteco
Wednesdays: Tacos Calleteco
Thursdays: The NAC Truck
Fridays: Tacos Don Beto

## Seaport

62 Northern Ave.

Mondays: Chicken and Rice Guys
Wednesdays: Tacos Calleteco
Thursdays: Tacos Calleteco
Fridays: Tacos Calleteco
Saturdays: Tacos Calleteco

## South End

Boston Medical Center

Mondays: [Chick-fil-A](https://www.chick-fil-a.com/


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