2020 Wish List and Recent New Adventures - Houston TX

The holiday season had me out dining more than ususal, and I visited some places I’ve never been to before that I’ve wanted to try. There are so many restaurants opening daily in these parts, I can’t keep up. I follow Eric Sandler and some of you also do, and I don’t even recognize the names of some of the places he talks about. Many though are in hip areas I’m not interested in.

But first, here’s my 2020 wish list still to do:

Number one is One Fifth - Gulf Coast: I have a few more months on this 12 month pop-up
Christie’s for fried shrimp - 102 years old and I haven’t tried the famous shrimp
UB Preserve for Brunch
Ragin Cajun on Gessner, I’ve been to the Richmond location, just want to see the Gessner surroundings
My Burger in Huntsville
Larry Bruce Garden Buffet in Kenner, TX - “as seen on Texas Bucket List.”
Riel happy hour, specifically for pierogis
La Lucha
El Jardin - because Mr. Oyster always talks about it and I haven’t been yet
Kiran’s - for food or high tea
Mike’s Seafood way out hwy 6 - as highly recommended by our own TXREDTOP
Rise Soufle Bar - please don’t be gimmicky
Tel Wink Grill
Long shot: Mac and Ernie’s Shack - for goat and lamb texas style, Tarpley, TX (near Leakey)

Here are some places, new to me- or long ago visits - I’ve been to recently:

Molina Cantina on Westheimer - The restaurant is large and bright with a big patio perfect for upcoming days. The margaritas are as stong as legend has it. I’ll say this and duck: I did not like one thing about the food. 3 sauces, all ho hum, the lettuce on the taco and guac looked worn out, the cheese enchilada lacked cheese, everything was bland and off temp. I need spice in my Tex-Mex.

Benedicte Cafe on Memorial was flooded and reopened a year later. It’s a really nice space serving Mediterannean food. I haven’t been in over a decade. We had a family brunch there and the service was terrific, owner was attentive, food was hot and tasty. It definitely needs more attention from the area.

Went to the newly opened Whiskey Cake in Sugar Land on New Year’s Day and really liked the food. I had cauliflower soup and a small mac n cheese that was creamy cheesy. I’ll go back, I really liked the variety and novel items on the menu. The music way way too loud though. The whiskey display looked precarious. There is one in Katy and up north somewhere also. A suburban chain.

Up in Spring for a Christmas production, we stopped at and Palette Indian Kitchen. It is fast casual, order at the counter and they bring it to you. We had chicken tikka and lamb vindaloo, spicy level 3. The food was delicious and very spicy. Will definitely stop in again if up that way.

I recently tried Carraba family’s Grace’s found in the Carraba Kirby Compound also housing it’s family owned Carraba’s and Mia’s Table. I had a chicken pot pie that was very tasty, loved it. Another winner winner chicken dinner. (yep, some corn for you there)

Out in Rosenberg, I lunched at a place I haven’t been to in 10 years or more, La Casona. Since then, it has moved to the SW freeway in a more convenient location. It is now next to the area DPS “mega center,” and I can highly recommend that location if you have to go get your photo taken and appear in person for a new drivers’ license, I got out of there in under 15 minutes, no joke. Anyway, the food is as I remembered it, very cheesey and old school, with a thinner than usual salsa that has a very pleasant bite. The place was busy even at 3 p.m. on a weekday.

So that is all for now.

Do you have any 2020 goals?


I’ve been to that Molina’s. Exactly once. Enough said.

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It wasn’t busy on a Sunday at lunch. I don’t know why they don’t make more of an effort or why they continue to get attention. I feel sure they could turn it around but they are really not even trying.

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