2019 veggie gardens

Thanks @shrinkrap for sharing your pics! There is irony about your beds being made of redwood. Nice greenhouse too!

Our soil isn’t naturally good, in fact it’s very rocky, glacial overwash. The soil in the beds is from 18 years of composting, manure and tagro at one point. Same with our other growing areas, of which we have several.

Just can’t wait for spring, and planting time. Think I’ll plant more flower bulbs too, a little later this winter.

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My custom made greenhouse is almost finished ( built August 2018) but have to remove it per County law.

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Wow, you mean they came to your property to examine?

Here in where I live, people illegally modify or construct but never get caught.

It’s very common here in the U.S. for people to get “red tagged” if building or renovating without the proper permits. It usually involves a fine, with a lien placed on your property, until it is paid in full. Even in places like rural Fairbanks, Alaska! Sometimes, brand new homes have to be moved even, or an illegal addition or 2nd story removed altogether!

Sorry it happened to @ccj’s greenhouse!

I guess it’s the “American Way” ! Not to dis the country I love, however.

Too soon to be envious. It’s only a dream so far. We bought/borrowed for this, our second mortgage, around 1997, and came to understand that our attached “deck” may not have had a permit. We love the deck, but we certainly have some engineering concerns.

I’m so sorry! I would love to see a picture and here about it.

Welcome to HO papabell!

Pretty Good,Except i let the weeds get away from me this year.Grew 40 some pepper plants and 60 some tomato plants.But with all the hours i work.The weeds took over some of my two 50x50 gardens.And made my production much less than should have been,HaHa

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Wow! That’s a lot of plants! Is there a story?

No story,Just lots of vegetables,HeHeHe

That IS a lot! Is it just for your family? Are there different varieties?

Yes,Many different varietys,and just for me.I sometimes give some away.

last of the vegetables ( Swiss chards) was used yesterday. I still have spring onions, cilantro and some herbs( thyme)
Son moved the Meyer lemon indoor, but the leaves are sticky. They are now yellow and a few are soft. I harvested one lemon yesterday, it taste sour! So, do not know what to do. I hate to spray the leaves as I would get my windows and stucco dirty. The stucco is already full of sticky stuff. Cannot lift the plant outdoor to give it a good wash. too heavy for me.
It is a big disappointment . tHere are around 8 lemons left QW%20Wr7R4ScGxTSPqDWje7w|525x700 the plant.

Sent you a PM WeezieD

Well I’ll be starting seeds of peppers in Feb, and Tomatoes in March. I’d love to hear what you are trying . I also grow for two plus give aways, but mostly in Earthboxes these days because of soil issues , so I’m especially interested in Dwarf Project Tomatoes.

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Our garden wasn’t great this year. We didn’t get nearly the tomato :tomato: or green bean crop we’ve had in the past. Also, aphids invaded our zucchini plants, but the yellow crookneck did exceptionally well. Kind of weird to have a zucchini failure!!

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I’m crazy busy this week but on my next day off I’ll get my seeds out and see what I have- I LOVE to trade seeds. :+1:


Ok,No Hurry,Thank-you very much.Would really love to grow that pepper(Tap De Corti)…Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…Will look forward to your reply after the holidays,Take Care,Randy

Finally got some of my garlic planted! Spanish Roja, Spanish benitee,Creole red, Ajo Rojo, Aglio Rosso, and Burgundy. I guess we’ll have to start a 2020 thread.

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Just watched the one on Avocados. Now watching "reign of terroir ", about wine.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2