2019 food trends across the U.S.

Reading this made me realize, I’m trendy. :sunglasses:


I’m not!

Well, except for mushrooms and harissa which are longstanding ingredients in this house - so maybe I’m actually pre-trendy


I got all excited at the prospect of a Pagan diet for the new year and then realized I needed to put on my glasses.


I didn’t know that I’m so trendy. Always love mushroom, seaweed…and carbs !

Mushrooms are in. Seaweed is the new superfood. Carbs are back. Millennials are cooking more at home.

Hmmm? Why don’t some of us in HO become food industry adviser, food trend consultant etc.

Portalatin says he expects to see popularity rise for ethnic sauces and seasonings. Think harissa, the hot chili paste from North Africa); hot peppers, fermented foods, and beverages like kimchi and kombucha.


I really dislike the entire “pegan” paleo vegan verbage since the two could not possibly be further apart, and even within the phrase “paleo vegan” it’s vaguely offensive. If you’re paleo then you have exactly nothing at all even a little bit in common with vegans.
The rest of the trends sound on point, although mushroom love has been escalating for a while now, and seaweed snacks and furikake had a moment a few years ago but maybe everyone will be ready to embrace more varieties
I think the most accurate prediction- which isn’t at all because it’s easily a year plus old- is the ongoing interest in fermented beverages and foods.
Oat milk is delicious! The Oatly brand is very good, but I don’t think it will reach the popularity of nut milks because the unsweetened nut milks are very low cal and that’s part of the appeal


I saw that a Scandinavian trend is going to be happening. Kaffeost . Cheese in your coffee. I have cheese and coffee will report back . Sure I’ll give it a try .

The Scandi/Nordic hygge trend that started with home products and interiors has really escalated and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere…! My good friend just got back from Copenhagen (aka The Place To Go) and she is now obsessed with all things chic and swedish.
However she did not mention cheese in coffee :joy:
I have however read too much about cheese tea lately which kinda makes me turn green but then again so does the idea of bulletproof coffee and that’s certainly taken hold

Has Sweden annexed Denmark? I’ve had my eye on domestic affairs, not so up on international news.

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I think it’s the other way around. I have a French friend, now with a Danish gf which gave birth to a baby (Swedish?!), prefers to live in the Swedish side of Copenhagen (Malmo), where things are much more affordable and works in Copenhagen (more work).

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I’m confused by this. Copenhagen and Malmo are separated by a body of water, and an international border. Is one really considered a “side” of the other?

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Like all neighbours, they compete, like 2 countries.
That was the vision of my friend. :laughing:

Back to food, I bet Copenhagen is hot also because of Noma? But that have been years, not something new.

I have my head in the sand regarding national news lately!!
Definitely was too early for my brain to be working when i posted that…

If a Danish girl has a baby, isn’t it called a “mini Danish”? (lol)

That’s cute! :yum:

I just ate a container of oat milk yogurt. I got it because it was free with a coupon, and I finished it only because it’s a sin to waste food. Never again.

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Was it the Chobani brand? I had one of those too–I got it because I thought it had soaked oats in it (which it did) but didn’t realize it was made with oat milk. Never again. I can have dairy and I’d much rather have the real thing.

No, it’s Silk (from Danone). My take on it is that if you can eat dairy, stick with that, and if you can’t, why bother to eat fake yogurt anyway? (Yes, it has live cultures. Big whoop-de-do.)
I’m the same about meat. I don’t need an Impossible Burger; I’m happier with textured soy protein or tofu. (I’m not a vegetarian, though I try to minimize my meat consumption.)