2018 Science and Cooking Series, Paulson School of Engineering, Harvard, Cambridge MA

fyi, the lineup for Harvard’s Fall lecture series on science and cooking kicks off at the science center next Monday with the killer team of Dave Arnold (of Cooking Issues and Existing Conditions) and the venerable Harold McGee. There’s some other great looking events coming from the likes of Wylie Dusfrene, Joanne Chang, Vicky Lau, Massimo Bottura, Margarita Fores and many others.

All talks are on Mondays at 7 PM in Hall C of the Science Center at 1 Oxford St (which might be the hall they just renovated) and are free to the public–though it’s first come, first served. Doors open at 6:30 PM and each one starts with a 15 minute lecture by a faculty member about topics from that week’s class.

Full lineup here.


Engineering? Nah – should be a proper PChem offering: Chemistry 203 – Effect of changing energy levels over time on comestible and potable materials in varying physical states and varying combinations. Laboratory requirement emphasizing material synthesis, compounding, and observation of phenomena from thermodynamic vantage. Also offered as Physics 202. May also satisfy Humanities Division or Biological Sciences Division requirement of gut courses.

btw, I went to this lecture on Monday and it was great. Dave Arnold is hilarious. Def. going to go to a few of the others, I especially think the Wylie Dusfrene one is a don’t miss.

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I shall have to live through you on this one. I need to travel to NYC on Monday nights, in order to be there early Tuesday morning, so will rely on your detailed, well-written, reports, with flashes of your trademark wit. Anything else would be beneath you.

I was told there would be no homework.

A couple of the lectures are on Wednesday, fwiw.

Unfortunately, I’m usually still in NYC on Wednesday.
You can’t wriggle off the homework hook so easily.

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