2017 Restaurant Openings -- San Francisco

Evey year I start a spreadsheet for new restaurant starts in San Francisco (and get bored with it around March). 2017 is starting off great for ethnic foods, with SF gaining Portuguese, Puerto Rican, Nicaraguan and Korean BBQ restaurants. We’ve also added to our stable of Cantonese restaurants, Taiwanese Boba/Dessert places and (sigh) another Poke Bar.

Here is the list so far with approximate start dates. For more info, all have Yelp listings at the least.

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Btw, Uma Casa has egg tarts on their menu.

Also added in first half of January per Yelp listing, An Chi (Vietnamese, Jan.14) and Hermanos Coffee/Juice/Salad Bar (Jan. 10).

Contrada- Tuscan food they say. They also got a clay oven shipped from Italy for their pies. On Union St.

ETA: Del Encanto- Puerto Rican food is now open. What’s interesting is that SFGate said the chef was from Borinquen Soul in Oakland. I wonder what that means to the food at Borinquen Soul…

Does Del Encanto have indoor seating? It’s listed on Yelp as a rooftop bar. Either way, very exciting. I can only hope they use lard in some of their dishes

Hawaiian ice cream place Garden creamery opens tomorrow in the mission.

I imagine the roof top offers additional seating to an indoor seating area. I don’t know how it could survive in SF otherwise. One Yelp review is telling:

Came for Sunday brunch. Great food and fantastic service. Didn’t get to enjoy the rooftop because of weather, but would come back when sunny.