2017 James Beard Award winners

Can’t believe someone else hasn’t started this yet, but I’m happy to do so! The JBF Awards were given out last night. In the interest of not spoiling it for anyone, I’ll share the Eater link and just say that I’m thrilled about the Outstanding Chef. I’ve met him and he couldn’t be more gracious/more of a regular guy.


Outstanding Bar Program: Arnaud’s French 75 Bar, New Orleans. I know Chris Hannah and he has put together an outstanding bar program, and is an amazing host and barman. Oh, and nice to be able to smoke a cigar there too, and a fantastic meal next door at the restaurant.

I believe uber-restauranteur Stephen Starr finally got his due. We have eaten at his restaurants in Philly, Atlantic City, D.C. and New York City and he always seems to know how to press the right culinary buttons…Congrats!

Here in Westchester County, N.Y., Stone Barns received a best service award to add to its collection…

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Do these awards mean less in the big scheme than they used to, or am I just less interested in food as celebrity?

I tried to get some Philly traction with this news. :sob:

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