2017 Hudson Valley Farmers markets

I just received the latest Bobolink newsletter, announcing amongst other things that the Pleasantville
Farmers Market will be moving out of doors this weekend … Saturday April 1st.
For anyone who hasn’t tried it, Bobolinks grass fed ground beef is wonderful and reasonably priced, not sure if you have to order it in advance. I like a variety of their cheeses and breads … their cranberry walnut breadstick is a must for me. There are several vendors that I regularly buy from and am looking forward to the 2017 market. I always hit Chappaqua while in the area but they will not be outside until May 6th.



Thanks! Wow, it seems a bit early to move outdoors, but I’m glad to see it!! Meat sounds good too. Have you tried John Boy’s?

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Nice to see the Farmers’ Market season kicking in again…We enjoy Bobolink cheeses and may try some of their other products this time around.

I have not

Hm, Pleasantville is right on my way to Mt. Kisco - perhaps I’ll stop into the market before our HO Down!


Chowdom, so happy you posted this. I’ve been avoiding the indoor market in Pleasantville. It’s just not… pleasant in that cramped cafeteria. I broke down last weekend and went because we were down to our last package of Kiernan beef/pork and was thrilled to find out they are moving outside starting Saturday.

Notable things (for me) at Pville…, Hudson Valley Duck will now be there WEEKLY instead of biweekly (I kept missing them!). I make a pizza with their duck bacon that just isn’t the same without it and I searched high and low for it in all sorts of specialty grocery stores and never found it. I’ll be visiting them often. Cowberry has delicious indoor-grown salad greens at the moment that make winter/early spring salad eating a joy. Their next batch of lamb will not be available till June but there will be a lot of it, Cecile told me last week. Always love Feather ridge eggs and their chickens as a treat (too expensive to rationalize as a weekly event, sadly). Kiernan and I are entering our 11th year together… I don’t know what I would do without them. Due to the snow before Christmas I missed my chance to get their meat for my annual Christmas meatballs and they were just not the same. I also like Bobolink as a treat and their cheese biscuits are hard to pass up. Their cheese is quite a show-stopper for a dinner party with cheese lovers. Too many favorite vendors there to mention.

Ossining’s market will open outside on April 22. That is my weekly market and it is so laid back and a great community gathering place.

I love seeing the same vendors year after year. We are so lucky in Westchester to have such a bounty of wonderful markets and local food!

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The Pleasantville market yesterday was pretty pleasant. It was not too crowded, possibly due to the weather and the early open date. The vendors were super friendly this year the shoppers were still pretty much in your face pushy, the occasional dog made an appearance, in spite of the " no dog " rule this year, I did not care!

I picked up a few things from a couple of vendors. I decided that I really prefer the layout of the Tarrytown and Chappaqua markets and will most likely stick with them once they open because I really prefer that kind of layout. Chappaqua in particular having plenty of parking and offering way more produce choices … I’m also a sucker for Bien Cuit. The Ossining market has a really nice variety of produce vendors but sometimes I find parking too much of a PITA ;-( the Tarrytown parking situation is equally frustrating

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Nice. I have to check out Chappaqua. What is Bien Cuit? You may have mentioned already but as I said, memory shot!


cut and paste from last years thread
Sourdough, Thompson Raisin, Walnut, Pink Peppercorn
beyond fabulous…raises the bar for raisin walnut bread. You
can taste the quality ingredients and the TLC that goes into making this

Puréed Apple, Vanilla Cream, Cardamom Streusel
I bought this for my husband but took a bite while he
was walking to the car … he never had a chance
each bite…rich, flakey, satiny, buttery, crisp, light

Oh yes - how could I forget!!! Yep , have to get to Chappaqua!

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They are opening in GCS

I may get there before Chappaqua!

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That apple cardamom danish looks outrageously good. They’re at Chappaqua?

Bien Cuit is from Brooklyn, right? My friend who lives in Brooklyn has brought us bread from there and it is quite good. A few years ago I made my Thanksgiving stuffing with leftover bread from there and it was a huge hit!

Yes and yes … Tarrytown as well … I have seen them at other markets but don’t remember which ones

I hit the outdoor market today in Pville. So happy not to be in that cafeteria. Stocked up on beef at Kiernan and some beautiful flounder at Pura Vida. Also nabbed duck bacon from Hudson Valley Duck and my occasional cold weather indulgence of Cowberry’s greenhouse lettuce which puts all supermarket lettuce to shame. (At $7 a bag, it better.). Little Seed is there with a large variety of micro greens and some radishes which I will gladly dip in salted butter.

On the way out we couldn’t resist a raspberry crumb muffin from Red Barn which surely had half a stick of butter in it. Indulgent.

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Bronxville Farmers Market should be kicking in this Saturday, rain or shine. Hope to see the Dough Nation pizza truck from time to time, and What’s For Dessert!

Just saw this in CTown’s sale flyer
Eastchester farmers market

So Eastchester Country Market they decided to go through with it. That’s going to be a mess. The rear parking lot is terribly crowded. And the lines for the spots in the front and rear are too close together. Cars get dinged real bad all the time.

When they had a survey to vote for this farmers market I asked if the farms were going to be inspected to prove that they are real farms, and they looked at me like I was crazy. Good farmers markets inspect their farms. Too many booths at farmers markets are fake and just buy produce, etc. at Hunts Point. I helped work with several folks who run farmers markets back around 12-15 years ago, and they all inspected ever booths background/farm.

It can’t possibly be any worse than Tuckahoe can it?
I know nothing about it BTW as I posted I only read about it in this weeks flyer

This is SO annoying. And so many places don’t even try to hide it! They count on people not knowing when things are in season and just bring in produce from wherever. Peaches in June and asparagus in August, anyone?

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