2016 New England Food Truck Festivals

Mostly Massachusetts, but RI and NH get into the mix. And craft beer will be included at several of them.

June 4, Worcester: 5th Annual Worcester Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival
August 6: Providence, RI: 2nd Annual Providence Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival
August 20: East Falmouth: 4th Annual Cape Cod Food Truck Festival
September 10, Watertown: Vegetarian and Vegan Food Truck Festival
September 17: Quincy: 2nd Annual Quincy Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival
October 2, Portsmouth, NH: 3rd Annual New Hampshire Food Truck Festival
October 15, Stoneham: 2nd Annual North Shore Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival
November 12, Westminster: Wachusett Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival

Any idea what were the breweries that showed up last year? Any notable trucks? Worth going?

I wasn’t at any of them, dfk - had just noticed the mention on BDC and thought I’d toss it up here.

Thank you!

I didn’t go to last year’s, but North Reading is combining their 2nd food truck festival with their Fourth of July fireworks show…


Thanks, @Changecat! I just bookmarked the North Reading festival.