20 best new pizza spots NJ.com

Anyone been to any of these? Can’t believe I don’t know anything about Gigi’s in SB, wonder if its any good? Pics looks pretty unique. They also have the spot in Bell Works for local folks.
Anyone been there or the Nicky’s in Oceanport from the last time they did this?

Maybe it’s just me but some of those pics looked horrible. I’ll give Corbo and son’s a try, I can’t help but wonder if they are the sons of the great Corbo’s restaurant equipment in APP.


thought maybe it was just me? The SB place looks pretty interesting…I like the charred pepperoni and the crust looks interesting…

feel like we need local pizza ranking one of these days…lol

I stopped looking when the website told me to disable my ad blocker to continue.

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I ate at Pizzeria Bel Giordino in Cranford once. We didn’t have pizza but based on what we did have I won’t be rushing back to try the pizza.

Nicky’s is owned by the same folks who own Olivia’s in Little Silver, which is excellent. The chef used to own Trattoria G in Sea Bright. We loved the food there, but take-out was always an effort. Mass confusion among the staff. It closed after not too long. We got delivery from Nicky’s once when Olivia’s wasn’t available to us for some reason. Good pizza.

We’ve also gotten delivery from Gigi’s in Sea Bright several times. Friends of ours rave about their sit-down dinners. Gigi’s also owns Sonny’s Sandwich Shop, which is now under the same roof. We’ve ordered breakfast sandwiches from Sonny’s. The sandwiches were missing cheese, which is one of the ingredients listed on the menu. The food from both places is good, but not so good as to enter our rotation.

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Thank you for this. I have heard such good things about Olivias but haven’t been yet. I do see it’s always packed. What do you like there? Just pizza or are the “real food” items good to? Gives me a good idea about Nickys too then, I just don’t hear much about it.

Add to the list.

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