2 hour whole foods free delivery (powered by amazon)

Can anyone share your experience in the garden state?

This is interesting. I’m just doing research on this and have my cart loaded up for delivery tomorrow. I’m trying to buy only things I never see at my local whole foods (middletown location)

I wonder how many will be out of stock when I go to check out. So far I have three different styles/flavors of 32oz jars of pickles I’ve never seen in my life. I found some coney island style natural casing hotdogs. I also found Brazilian nuts on sale for 6.00 (10oz)…not exactly a block buster sale but those nuts aren’t usually in my travels. So I’ll keep you posted but for now, back to couch shopping (get it, I’m shopping from my couch lol)

What if the order is very late?

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As an Amazon Prime member, I had an opportunity to try out the market delivery with WFoods twice in two months. I was asked to test the delivery time, txt communication, substitution choices and packing. In both cases the order was $100 and I live 25-30 min from the closest WF by car. I wasn’t paid to test but I did pay for the food at a discount. The first order was perfect and no subs were needed. The second order 3 out of 17 items were out of stock. Everything was packed well and arrived in the first hour of a 2 hour window. Tip was built in and fair; del was free. You have the option to accept sub’s if the store is out of the item or pass altogether. The app communication follows the order from shopping, packing thru delivery very well in live time including gps on the driver tracking their entire trip.

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But was it delivered by drone??? (I know they aren’t yet, but that’s what I’m waiting for!!!)

Call me finicky but for certain things, like dry / canned goods I have no problem with but when it comes to produce or meats I’m very hands on. I like picking my own produce and meat/seafood products. Not sure I would want to delegate that.


Same here!

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Lol, no drone. Diff drivers each time. Dropped off, quick hello and on to their next del. i brought the bags into the house.

I did order salmon, shrimp and short ribs btwn both orders and was very happy with what arrived. If you aren’t happy, WFs will deal with it just as if you were at the store returning something.

Eta: It was a timesaver for us in both cases. Not something I plan on doing regularly. Using the Amazon Prime benefit was where it all started inquiring at the RB store and offered a chance to test my area for them.


Since shopping habits are personal, and many of us we seem to be comfortable ordering fresh or fresh frozen foods online, through produce deliveries and CSAs, and third party sellers my only rec is to give WFs home del a try. Since they stand behind this program (along with Amazon Prime if you are a member) I don’t see risk.

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When you said RB store are you referring to red bank? If so, did they open up a new store that I’m not aware of?

I wonder if they will deliver to locations other than your address. 35 dollar? I can spend that at whole foods doing a hand stand. Hell one good aged steak can cost that.

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on my order. I need to find more things to add.

The Whole Foods on 35 in “Middletown” has a Red Bank mailing address so I’m sure it’s one in the same.


Funny you mentioned drones… If you shop in a Whole Food recently, most of the “shoppers” in there are Prime Now “drones” with a mobile device hanging around the neck and going aisle to aisle pick out stuff off the list on their screen.
It’s just a weird environment nowadays whenever I walk into a Whole Foods ( i go to the one in Marlboro). It’s like shopping in a warehouse that looks like a fancy supermarket.

In regards to the prime now experience, it was quite good. I only did it once one a cold windy day a few months ago; it is really convenient and I have no issue with the delivered items.

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Correct. Red Bank-Middletwn along that area of Rt 35.
I was one of several deliveries for the driver both times. Two hour del window covers a-lot of stops. I used the app for the entire transaction.

The Amazon desk responder even passed a message to my WF shopper while putting my order together and the communication was shared in live time. Never had this level of Checks and double checks ordering food. So the idea that you can communicate while the order is in play def is a plus.

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So does the person who picks the food also deliver it? I dont think it matters. I am just curious.

I agree with wanting to pick out steaks and seafood in person but something like hotdogs I will get delivered.

I believe they will even leave it at your doorstep so you can time it if heading home. I wonder if this is just the start of their testing phase. I cant see a 35.00 minimum sticking around for that long.

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I was given the first name of the Shopper and the driver and in both cases were diff people. As well as the assigned Amazon dispatch was diff person. I left instructions in my order details exactly how to leave my delivery and whether I would accept suggested subs or not at all on items in my cart. I hope the model continues and gets even smarter on the packaging and prepared food options from the salad bar. Literally everything was handled thru the app in less than 1.5 start to finish while I did other things. Btw, the beef shanks were butchered very well. The sale was a good buy right from the comfort of my touring truck.

Good luck!

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We’ve tried just about every delivery service such as Peapod, Instacart and Prime and had similar issues with each. You often get items that are past very close to expiring. For Example a few weeks ago from Prime we got some yogurt for my son. It was delivered on a Saturday and expired on Monday. We actually got Yogurt that was a couple of days expired from Amazon one other time.

The produce is hit or miss as far as quality. I would estimate for every 5 produce items we order there is a problem with 1 so about 20%

Getting meat from Amazon seems better than the other 2 as it is offer cryopacked and often lasts longer than from Peapod or Instacart.

A problem we had with Peapod is that even if you choose the sliced thin option for cold cuts they would be cut so thick you might get 5 to 6 slices to a half pound of things like Boars Head ham. I don’t think we’ve gotten cold cuts from the other 2.

One positive with all of them is they will refund you for anything you call up and complain about. I was actually concerned we would get cut off from Peapod at one point because we called every week and they never said anything. Just refunded the money.

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The deli I ordered thru WF was all thinly sliced and I didn’t even remember to ask. Fresh and well wrapped. I was wondering about sell by dates. In the message area I requested a “date range or pass” on all dairy.

I have only used Peapod for case water deliveries. Instacart never tried.

Standing behind the Del service and any issues does impress me.

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Just to clarify, they issued the refund no questions asked without picking up or returning the product you weren’t satisfied with? If so that is impressive.

Yep. Every time. We actually noticed we got a wrong Pepperidge Farm stuffing one time with Peapod while the delivery person was bringing in other items and he started the refund process then. He also said just keep the item because they will just throw it out anyway because of potential liability because we could have done something to the item…

“Uh yeah hi this is John again. Yeah it happened again, the damndest thing. Another case of beer arrived spoiled. Yeah just send over a replacement”

If only they did delivered booze


I use Peapod and Fresh Direct and have been pretty happy with both. Fresh Direct has more uncommon foods that you might not find at Peapod or other grocers. I see lots Instacart people filling orders in Wegmans but haven’t tried them.
I don’t buy my fresh meats or seafood at either. Only because I want to choose those items.

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We used the Wegmans Instacart service for the first time this weekend and found the aggravation in not getting many of the items we wanted (either substituted or just plain wrong) outweighed the convenience of the service. However, I could see the service being of use to people who just don’t have the time to food shop. For us though, I doubt we will ever use it again unless in a serious pinch.

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