1976 Chateau d’Yquem Sur -Saluces Sauterne

I think i may have committed some sort of sacrilege. A good friend passed away a few years ago and left me half a dozen bottles of various wines that were 20+ years in the bottle and had not been looked at in a decade or more. I am not that knowledgeable about wine, Nobilo’s Sauvignon Blanc is about my speed. So I gave 5 to shared friends and 4 were undrinkable.
So this afternoon i decided to try the 1976, knowing it was probably badly corked.
And i botched it. The cork was longer than my corkscrew and i left half an inch of cork in the bottle.
I poured an inch into a snifter to check the aroma and it was ambrosia. I took a sip and it was like a very mild, perfectly sweet desert wine. Just an incredible wine. And i am drinking it with pasta and white sauce. But it is amazingly good!
This was really poor planning on my part but what a surprise!
And all i can think is, thank you, my friend!


I’m astonished that nobody has yet commented on your post! Have you Googled d’Yquem? It’s, er, moderately well thought of. If that bottle was kept properly (doesn’t sound likely, sadly) it would be in the hudreds of dollars range: https://www.chateau.com/chateau-d-yquem-1976-bottle-75cl-white.html

I’m jealous as hell!

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I think that a few people were kind enough to not post “You idiot!” comments.
I knew it was a very good vintage but i “knew” it was going to be bad. I was wrong.
It survived the neglect surprisingly well.

Now I REALLY do not know what to do with these.
I think I may find a steak place that will let me bring in the Medoc and invite a friend to have dinner w me.

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If the yellow color of the Pinot Grigio is accurate it is likely oxidized, so I wouldn’t expect too much. The Château Greysac isn’t a rare vintage, but if it was stored properly you might be pleasantly surprised. Use an “Ah So” cork puller, as it will likely crumble in response to a corkscrew.


Three cheers for that Y’quem. O my!

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