19 Common Cooking Myths......which ones did/do you believe????

How come when I post a link, it’s just a link, no preview to the article? Is it this site or am I doing something wrong?

You don’t need to sear meat to seal in the juices, however I do like a good crust on my steak. I can’t comment beyond that as I can’t stand those clickbait slideshows.

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What a weird site! I can’t even get the slideshow to work; it keeps sliding back to older ones. I gave up after the third one, I admit. Though I will say that searing meat is very common, though “sealing the juices” isn’t the reason: it’s to give it a nice browned crust before roasting or slow-cooking.

It’s hard to take the thing seriously when one of the 8,000 slides is

“Myth: A potato will not soak up salt.”

The myth is that a potato WILL soak up salt. Whoever wrote this whatever-it-is (not an article, certainly) is very confused.

“Myth: Wear googles, chew gum, etc. to avoid watery eyes when cutting onions.”

How exactly do you wear a google?

I dunno, they work for me!


Aha. That answers that. I see no knives or onions in the picture, though.

Enjoyed this - thanks Not J!

Awwww thanks!! It seemed to make everyone else angry…lol

Didn’t make me angry but agree with the comment that whoever wrote the article is more about 'tude and snark than actually understanding cooking and why sometimes the “myth” isn’t a “myth” depending on which particular ingredient you are using and what you want the final dish to achieve. Maybe if you customarily use low-end supermarket noodles, it barely matters whether you don’t use enough water and keep it at a near-rolling boil. But a great deal of well-constructed dry pasta in Italy will not cook properly if it is “crowded” in the pot, and if it is not stirred while in rapidly boiling water. Ditto, the point of searing meat is not always to “seal in” juices but to achieve a certain flavor, texture, etc in the end result.

Anyway, awful lot of caveats appear in each segment after first encountering “Ha, you gullible jerk! I know better than you!” Turns out lemon actually will deter browning in an avocado – and the real idiot is somebody who makes guacomole 10 hours in advance and pours water over it and seals it up in stinky Tupperware to keep it from looking like s***.

Hmmm…I did think that baking soda in the fridge/freezer absorbed odors.

And I take out meat 20-30 minutes before starting to cook. And will continue to do so.

I know!! I feel so betrayed by Arm & Hammer…geeze!!!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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