16C Quincy Center. (MA)

Anyone tried this new restaurant run by Barbara Lynch’s niece yet? Only opened a week or two. Curious!
Hope to Enjoy,

I didn’t even realized it opened. I can’t say that pizza (which seems to be what early posts talk about) is usually my thing, but happy any time a new place opens in my 'hood. I’m a fan of Babycakes too. Have you been able to find anything that shows a menu?

There is a website for 16C. Menu is interesting but not earthshattering.

Was hoping they would be open for lunch, but no, so it’s still on our to go list. Very limited menu but Quiet Man steak tips found tempting.

Peg, Have been twice. Food is very good. Had the calamari and mussels one night with a very good grenache for $32.00/bottle (a bargain), and last Saturday night had the artichokes app and a burger that was super. Fries were good. My wife had the grilled cheese and tomato soup that she liked very much. Chocolate cake for desert that was ok not memorable. Kitchen was a little slow which frustrated our waitress, but all in all a good experience Go, you’ll like it.

A close friend who was born, raised and had lived in South Boston during the entirety of the Quiet Man’s existence went to 16C with some others from the neighborhood for the promise of those tips. They came away unsatisfied. Sometimes you can’t just can’t recreate a legend, just as the Tim’s Tavern burger never translated across the river at the Cantab even with the same cook. Everything changes, sometimes not for the better.

Sad to hear the tips weren’t as promised! May just have to go and try the mussels as Dan suggested