13 Fast Food Items to Avoid~ According to Employees


Did a charity gig working a MLB concession stand one evening and can confirm that our earliest hot dogs came from the fridge from last night. We didn’t have hot water as far as I remember, but I think that’s how street dogs are kept warm, right? It’s not bad if the temps are kept.

I take alot of things that I read on the interwebs about food and opinions about food with a grain of salt.

But I can’t recall any one food that has popped up in so many WARNING…DON’T EAT THIS…STAY AWAY FROM…(and I am including seafood during red tide) as a Dirty water dog.

My Sister took my Niece to see the Rockets.told her.Not to do.It…She did.And got dirty water sick.

They used to have a cart in downtown St.Pete. They advertised the fact that they were dirty water dogs. And that was a good thing? Apparently so…Just don’t get it :wink:

Never got past the page, as I frikin hate and boycott sites that make you click every 3 words. No surprise about panera, chef mike and the frozen stuff. Not sure anyone really thinks bread is made from scratch there

I appologise. I didn’t have a problem scrolling through.
None of the info was earth shattering, but I thought some of it was interesting and perhaps may lead to discussion. On a discussion group.

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Oh no, no need to apologize…The site works fine, I just didn’t care to play the click quota trick