$120 Philly Cheesesteak: Worth it!

The surprise isn’t there a $120 Cheesesteak. The surprise is that Nick Solares declareed this special Cheesesteak indeed worth every penny.

He mentioned a $28 burger from NY. Well, I think there is a big difference between a $28 burger and a $120 cheesesteak sandwich. One is about 2-3 times a normal burger, and the other is 8-10 times of a regular Philly cheesesteak. I don’t know.

Apologize for those who have already read this article. I haven’t seen an article about this $120 Cheesesteak here, so I thought it is worth noticed.

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I use to serve a $60 pizza at one of my restaurants. It was topped with shaved filet mignon, jumbo lump crab meat, melted blue cheese and drizzled with Bearnaise sauce!!

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It is over the top, decadent and delicious at the same time. I had a wild mushroom pizza topped with shaved black truffles recently at a fine restaurant called Le Sirene in Larchmont, N.Y., and it made me swoon. I did not ask the price. Thank goodness it was a birthday gift…

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