11 "essential" Vodkas

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My first question: Is there anyone on God’s Good Earth that would stock their liquor cabinet with eleven brands of vodka?


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Oh I have been on more than a few tour buses that had entire closet filled with vodka…lol.

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Ok Stoli is on the list so it’s legit!

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11 seems excessive for any liquor, let alone vodka

There are some on that list that I haven’t tried though, may have to give some a chance.


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Even for a well curated restaurant…



" And it’s key for entertaining; while some drinkers aren’t partial to gin, say, or tequila, virtually no one has a vodka aversion"

raises hand
I don’t like vodka and I never have any in the house. It is the boneless skinless chicken breast of spirits. Bourbon, gin, tequila, rum, Irish whiskey, now those are essential.



Vodka is in the cabinet for vodka drinkers. A decent corn vodka, oh and it’s gluten free ;). Don’t get me started on the Titos handmade pot still BS but the stuff does taste like water to me.

My BIL once claimed he only drank Belvedere vodka. I did a blind tasting of Titos and Belvedere in identical glasses. To me they tasted the same (water) but he and my wife consistently picked the Titos. Currently I have a handle of Tower Vodka in the cabinet. Another Texas corn vodka that is close enough even if it’s number of times run through the still is a couple less.

I do agree there are differences in vodkas but they are very small in most cases. But this is from a whiskey drinker where there are big flavor differences between different bourbons, ryes etc…Wild Turkey products taste quite different from Four Roses


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Consistently picked the Titos thinking it was the Belvedere, or they picked it knowing it wasn’t Belvedere?

“Wild Turkey products taste quite different from Four Roses”…I bet a Wild Turkey would smell a lot different than Four Roses as well.



I think I left it open but pretty sure in my BIL’s mind it was pick the Belvedere



Admitted sales pitch for rye vodka:




Love those flavor attributes for each type of vodka. Most have been distilled to such a high proof ~190 proof or 95% ethanol before being proofed down with water that all flavor has been stripped out. And being stored in stainless tanks there are no flavors to acquire.



Ummm, I think most vodka drinkers don’t drink vodka for the flavor…! They just think/hope it doesn’t give them a hangover and that it blends into their cocktail well enough.



Agreed but thought the website was funny with the tasting notes of lemony, nutty, herb and licorice. I do drink vodka on occasions and my only expectation is that it taste like water and not rubbing alcohol.

At most family gatherings where vodka rules it’s usually vodka on ice and folks are looking to catch a buzz quickly. My most recent contributions to these events has been a handle of vodka infused with jalapeño’s and a bottle of Barbados rum for for the few who want to sip something with taste

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I willingly admit to drinking vodka, although almost always mixed into a cocktail. Actually my favorite has been those swedish aquavit, which certainly no longer taste like vodka but take on the flavor of the cloudberries or whatever. Nice to sip.
The nuances between various brands are lost on me, i know vodka and soda is a popular drink but I can’t imagine one could appreciate the differences that way either.

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I will be the first to admit, I started drinking vodka not out of desire, but out of necessity. I can’t drink enough beer or wine (without getting horribly bloated) to catch a good buzz, thus it’s vodka straight. Not for the taste but just to get the job done.