11 Chili peppers you should know...

Many of these sound mighty appealing (not to mention I’ve not heard of half of them): the lemon drop and manzano in particular, as do the Caribbean seasoning peppers. Love urfa pepper on scrambled eggs - really nice smoke flavor, but fairly mellow on the heat.

I skipped some of the super hots this year like the ghost and 7 pot (still have plenty of 'em dried from last year,) but am growing a few on that list this year: lemon drop, fatalii, maras, urfa biber, fresno. jalapenos, and trinidad perfume along with a few dozen others. Remind me later in the season of which ones you want to try.

I passed on an offer for manzano seeds because I already have 150+ pepper plants this year but they’re on the list for next season, they’re very good!

Wow! Thanks for the offer, Weezie – while Wegmans has a decent selection of both fresh and dried peppers, they don’t have everything :slight_smile:

Now that I think of it, a friend gave me a bunch of habaneros and a lemon drop a couple of years ago, which I turned into a hot sauce. Like, hottttt. Not much of the citrus flavor came through, I’m afraid.

Curious how floral/sweet the 7 pots are dried?

To me they’re just hot and the floral qualities are lost. The fatalii is different in that respect- it retains it’s citrus flavors pretty well and is hot AND tastes good.

When I grow the super hots it’s mostly because the seeds are good trade bait for seeds I really want. Most of them really don’t taste very good, some taste like battery acid.

Aleppo should be on that list for people still not familliar with it. I’ve also got piment d’espelette, tap di corti, kurtovska kapija, szegedi 80, Ethiopian Berbere (both red and brown), tunisian baklouti, corbaci, aji pineapple, aji amarillo, yellow scotch bonnet, white Peruvian habanero, cayenne and a few others in the “seasoning peppers” column this year. You’ve got lots of time to look 'em up and find recipes for 'em before I’ll have ripe pods. :slight_smile: