10/15 12:30pm HOdown at Coco, Edison

Let’s do it!

@eleeper @seal @curlznj @msbean @BossaNova

Anyone else?

Looking forward to it!

You think we need to make a reservation? If so we should get a fairly accurate count.

You can count on counting Michelle and I in the count.

I’m definitely in. Mr. Bean is likely but if the fishing is good all bets are off.


Ok guys… final roll call for tomorrow? I am good to go!

Michelle and I will be there

We will be there too.


Me too!

So excited! Too bad we can’t eat at like 5 other places today.

We can’t? Say who?

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Challenge accepted!!!

It was great. We had a lot of people:

We ate some interesting food:

And with tip it all ended up costing us only $15 a person! ( well that much is true - oh and the great time too)

You should have come.


I thought these were the best:

[Okay, just kidding!]

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It was pleasure meeting and eating with everyone. We look forward to doing it again.



How’s your tooth?

Going to the dentist tomorrow. Thanks for asking.

joonjoon - took your advice - created an account here. Coco - love that place, especially the Mexican waiter. I asked him once if the stuffed curry soup was authentic. He said yes. I said, so you’ve had it in Malaysia ? He said no. He said he only had it at Coco. I said how is that possible, you didn’t have it in Malaysia. He said, never been, I’m from Mexico :slight_smile:

Hey Junk! Welcome to HO, I’m glad you caught my reply because it looks like the mods deleted it. I don’t know why they are trying to save that board, it is completely dead and they’re the ones who killed it.

Hahah that’s hysterical, I didn’t know they had a Mexican waiter there. We’ve had a couple of great HOdowns, I hope you join the next one!

Pls see my first post and it would be great if someone responded :slight_smile: