1 Star Yelp Review........(with establishments response)

Short and interesting article about someone with the wrong expectations for the venue they choose taking it out on the bar. Kudos to the owner for responding.

Through my years in the business you would be surprised how often this does happen, a public who makes poor choices, then wants to blame the establishment for not meeting their expectations.


You can buy a beer for two dollars . Four star review , no questions .

Great response from the dive bar. Love that they checked the Yelper’s other reviews to determine her preferences.


Remind me to go to Iron Horse next time I’m in NYC. Draft and a burger for $10? Yes, please.



Very gracious invite at the conclusion of his reply!

That’s my problem with most of Yelp. In most restaurant reviewers in the old newspapers, a three-star review was an excellent place. Now people give out five stars if they don’t get food poisoning.

Worse: Yelptards give five-stars for taco roach coaches but will two-star bash a restaurant with white tablecloths and great service because they are a “pretentious” and “expensive”. As if what either are serving are even on the same planet, let alone rating system.

As if they are too clueless to divide the star rating by the number of $$$$ with the restaurant listing to derive some sense of value.

Hate hate hate Yelpers. Always have.

Never have yelped anything . Never will .

Well put.

I’ve also noticed the propensity for nasty, one-star reviews when there is the slightest, perceived slight from a server. I mean, a water glass left empty for a few minutes is a pretty pilfy thing to trash a joint about - and certainly not enough to justify ranting for three paragraphs (even if they’re only one, really long sentence each).

Eh. My Yelp reviews (few as they are) are pretty balanced. But I’m clearly the one, shiny exception :sunglasses: