1 cent Burger king whopper

I was more intrigued how this worked than actually getting a whopper since I am not really a fan. It does work, just ate one for a penny.

You need the app and have to sign up with your credid card. App is free. Then you find a McDonald’s and get within 600 feet. From there you order it and drive to burgerking. Luckily both mcd and bk are probably about 1000 foot or less away from each other so it was easy for me. Plus it is next to the grocrery store I was at. For a penny I guess it tasted ok lol

That’s some serious mapping/marketing. Now they got you in your car in your exact location for a penny. Hide your valuables, log out of every personal key code app and take a detour home. :wink:

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It is not nearly as scary as what google does. Trust me.


Lol, I trust you…otoh…I dont trust commercially pd mapping apps which are all directed by Google.

Yeah not worth it.

I like whoppers & a whopper for a penny is a real deal. However - they put my blood sugar into orbit so I don’t eat them anymore…

If you look at the Tech Giants: Google, Facebook, Amazon and their intrusive electronic tracking; and then look at how enthusiastically businesses in the Western Hemisphere have embraced surveillance; and looked at Ali Baba in SE Asia; and the advances Communist China has made in facial recognition technology, you have to be a bit nonplussed by our loss of personal privacy.

If I’m following the videos on this correctly, you are actually driving up to a McDonalds takeout window to then leave having bought nothing and heading over to a nearby BK to pick up your penny burger.

Is that just a big waste of line time and employee time over at McDs so the BK app gets press?

Call me gobsmacked.

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No you just have to be near an mcd to have it work, within 600ft. You don’t even need to pull into the parking lot. The drive in stunt is just marketing. Again, I am not even a whopper fan but wanted to try one again to bring back some memories. My friend loved whoppers and is gone now. The last one I had was with him many years ago at that same BK, and he bought me one. I wish I could see the smile on his face if he could get a penny whopper.

RIP Donald


I dont mean to yuck your yum. I just dislike the method employed. BK want to give burgers away, draw attention…that app would have been awesome. Free.

No problem

Fyi, it appears you can use this more than once. I wonder how many times until it flags you. I just opened the app up and the coupon is still there.

Until BK is done having their fun I would imagine. :wink:

It is until the 12th but I figured they would limit it to one per customer and track it through the app. I guess not.

Tracking use per customer costs $$$ this ad has more than made the viral rounds nationally. Be glad they dont want to more about ya fir a penny. :rofl:

This is wild and now over the weekend I might have to give it a try. Luckily my son likes Whoppers so I’ll get him one. The only Burger King product I ever liked was their chicken parm an oblong sandwich that wasn’t truly offensive.

The only “app” I use is the Dunkin Donuts and honestly it is worth it for the return on investment. I will only load $20 on at a time, that lasts one week and generally I average about 1 free beverage every 7-10 days which works out to a 10% average discount. (I think you get a free drink for every $ 25. spent) Not bad for just having to use an app for something you are purchasing every day.


clarkdeals.com: Burger King: Get the Sourdough King sandwich for 1 cent!.