023 New York Food Crawl - Day 4 “ Hawksmoor - An award winning, authentic British Steak House offering ‘Sunday Roasts with all the trimmings‘! “

For a British expat like myself, who had spent over a decade studying and working in London. Learning that a British Steak-House institution - Hawksmoor has opened up a branch across the ocean in New York was a revelation. To pay them a visit for ‘Sunday Roast‘ and Sticky Toffee Pudding is a no brainer. As well, for steak lovers like my son and myself, it will also provide us with an unique opportunity to savor grass fed, dry aged beef steak being grilled over Paraguay Charcoal, a special feature that Hawksmoor is known for. This frequently praised variety of charcoal could generate a whopping intense 950 degree heat!..compared to other normal commercial 600+ degree varietals.! The unique property and characteristic also supposed to create a much faster and better crust, locking in more of the essential interior juices.

Our party ordered a selection of our favorite starters that included…’ more oysters ‘ ( with Scottish Bonnet topping ), Steak Tartare, Roasted. Bone-marrow…etc. We also splitted our order into a few ‘ Sunday Roasts with all the trimmings ‘ plus a couple of locally raised, grass-fed 14 oz Rib-Eye and NY Striploin, both requested ‘rare‘.

Sides of French fries cooked in beef suet and Creamed spinach were also musts!..though the former were only double fried compared to the ‘Triple Fried’ versions available in the British Isles!

The roasts, slow cooked over charcoal, were done very well. The gravy, beefy and flavourful. The two steaks were perfectly seasoned and cooked rare as per our request. Nice ‘ beef ‘ flavor! Portions of the roasts were huge with most of the gi-normous Yorkshire Pudding left untouched!

A few sad notes and disappointments. They did not offer ‘ Mushy Peas ‘ which my daughter

was so looking forward to. Secondly, we were so full, there was no room for Sticky Toffee Pudding and English Trifle!! Sigh!!

ALL in all, a wonderful and enjoyable family lunch!!


You’re really only going to see mushy peas alongside fish & chips.

I don’t eat steak very often. But, when I do, it would often be at the Hawksmoor branch in Manchester (the first of the three branches in the UK that are outside London). The bone marrow and onion starter is a winner.


Did the Sunday roast trimmings include Yorkshire pudding?

Yes! …and a big one at that!!

Phew. Not seeing a photo, we were worried.

By the way, no matter where and whatever else is on the menu, we always order marrow bone, however described, having been introduced to it by Mr. Bourdain, and converted by Mr. Henderson.

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Put Hawksmoor on my list after reading this…good work, Charles!!

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Here’s our introduction at about 6:38:

Butter of the gods.

What time was this? I’ve never seen the bar so empty. Then again never been there on a Sunday. If I was closer I would drop by for a cocktail and some apps more often.

What is that in the middle of the pudding? Potato?

12.00 noon sharp! We were the first party to arrive!
…a piece of roasted potato in the crater.

I’ve been eating this marrow dish for a while now. Hope you can try it when next in NYC:

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Before we can do that, it’s incumbent on us to try this at home kids, if the butcher shop has bones in the self serve fridge.