You win half billion powerball, what restaurant do you buy? (NJ Edition)

A sentiment I’m sure we can all share in

I, however, have more friends with DUI’s courtesy of Rumson as opposed to Seabright.

I have feeling the three cops in Seabright have their hands full with the beach in the summer, whereas Rumson has a much bigger budget and time on their hands.

Plus DUI’s are bad for tourism. People tend to remember that $h!t.

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I would take over The Vu in Jersey City and bring in Eric Hambrecht and tell him to revert to his days at The Frog and Peach or even his short tenure at The Lincroft Inn. Then I would spend every night at the best table in the house hard up against the eastern window.

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I was very happy when Eric was at the Lincroft Inn. That was the only time I frequented it.

The people who bought my house for cash last week have more money than the powerball . Must be nice .

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Hey @NotJrvedivici can we add New Jersey to the title of this thread?

As in “what New Jersey restaurant would you buy?”

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I wasn’t thinking it was directed at me. I’m just sayin…

Nobody hit! Keep those dreams alive!

My pledge to everyone included in this thread. If I hit the powerball I will go through with my plans to open the restaurant and lounge in the Red Bank property as described above. I will own 51% and I will give 49% ownership in equal shares to everyone who is part of this thread.

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I’d open up a tavern in little silver Shrewsbury or oceanport, wood floors, fireplace, one tv at the bar for a neighborhood vibe, and some good Motown, country, Sinatra, classic and 90s rock with a few Pogues songs mixed in on the speakers. Hip hop, edm, and punk for after last call. I’d have an interesting wine list with out any cliches, a few local craft brews, no goddmaned IPA though, housemade lemoncello and a few cocktails with a mix of classic and seasonal; mint Juleps, fresh juiced margaritas, a proper martini, etc.

as for food, it’s by the ocean so heavy local seafood presence, using local 130. I’d have some sort of real steak but mostly keep it tapas, and real tapas, small plates for under 10 not just smaller plates for the same money. Olives, cheeses, charcuterie, pork, small pieces of fish or shellfish, etc. and some sort of chicken wing too along with a robust pickling program.
for dessert one or two house made items, one lighter one more decadent. I’d offer a three or four item kids menu as I’d like it to be a family friendly place at least until 7 or so nightly.
Whole thing would be one page drinks one page food, simple, as local and seasonal as possible and an entry level price point. Given the dearth of service here I’d prob at least experiment with something like David Chang has done with cooks serving plates at a counter or bar area too.
And seeing as how I’m worth half a yard in this world I’d offer healthcare to every employee.


Screw that. Let’s open a combination chili parlour, sushi joint, and Armenian place that serves great food, get a liquor license, put some loud club music on, introduce drink specials and let the food go downhill fast.

We will be billionaires from the restaurant alone.


Exactly why I own 51%


Is it a bridge too far with the Armenian food?

I was thinking chili cheese on a grilled goat lavosh.

I will donate my most mediocre chicken recipe to the cause! Does our ownership come with our own captain’s chair by the window?