Yeast Sandwiches

@fooddabbler, interesting article—thanks. Have you ever tried Vegemite? I haven’t.

My bestie gifted me a care package in the spring that included marmite & black garlic, among other things.

I’ve opened and used some of the garlic, but the marmite remains closed :smile:


Tremendously interesting! As a very young child, in a small town a mile from a major railroad junction, I remember the occasional person appearing at our door or garden gate to whom my mother would almost silently had over a parcel of food.

Since, I have read about the “nice lady” symbol transients would scrawl on a fence post that advised of a “nice lady”, and wondered if we indeed might have had one, because my mother certainly was one


I confess to loving Marmite. Thick slice of sourdough, toasted very crisp, butter and a thin coat of Marmite. Divine.


I like Marmite and Vegemite just fine.

But then I like everything just fine.

My wife calls me, “The Ultimate Consumer”, because, generally, if it has calories, then I’ll eat it. I’d love to travel with Andrew Zimmern on his world tours of weird food. My son, almost as intrepid as me, has said the same.


Oh, I have no doubts that I would like it. It sounds like a really savory umami spread, especially if used lightly. I just wonder if there are other applications besides putting it on egg or on toast, like actually use in cooking. Or does it not heat well?

It heats very well. I use it all the time, stirring into braises, broths, risotto, soups, stir-fries, marinades, sauces etc for an extra “umami” taste to savoury foods. (Add some hot water to the marmite in a small bowl to loosen it before adding to whatever you are going to use it in.)

I’m in the “love-it” camp, however, I much prefer Bovril, especially with some very old cheese. Unfortunately, Bovril is not widely available, unlike Marmite, unless you are in the UK, Namibia, S. Africa and countries that eat it.

More challenging are Thai/Vietnamese shrimp pastes, through. (One, two)


Concur with this!