Winter gardening - what food are you growing?


Not every year, although last year twice around -10ºC (14ºF), around 4 inch of snow for a few days, the frost made some damages to the citrus plants (all leaves were gone, need 6 months to recover and no bloom). Before that, there were five years it didn’t snow at all.

Problem is here, you can have the whole winter very wet and very grey. Temperature around 5ºC (40ºF).

Love your pea blossoms. I’ve some dwarf peas varieties, but I find them not very productive, the plants remained small and too few pods. I will buy some new seeds this year.

Did you sow outdoors directly?


Yes; I sowed outside, probably in October. I often try, but it doesn’t usually work. Always “sugar snaps”, usually “Sugar Daddy”. I sow sweet peas at the same time.

It is usually wet and grey from November through mid. February, but rarely freezes.


Peas in February!


Planted potatoes today; La Ratte, Russian Bannana, and Rose Finn fingerlings.


Impressive your potager…we are still officially winter.

What’s the temperature now, the highs and the lows in average?

I see some tubes in pots, do you use auto dripping system?


Those are Earthboxes.

I also use sub-irrigation buckets for my peppers.

Weather here has varried quite a bit in the last few weeks. This might be the most unpredictable month for weather for us. It’s always rainy and rarely in the low thirties for more than an hour or so. I’d say nights in the forties, days in the high fifties.


I think this year, I will invest on a some better irrigation system…start doing some research. Thx for the link on EarthBox, that gets me thinking.

Your weather is similar to here. But I think you have more sun. For the month of December till early February, it rained everyday. It stopped a week ago, and sun finally shines. It’s only now I think of planting.

Your peas, are they in a greenhouse?


The peas are not in a greenhouse.

We do have some sunshine in February, but the rain, and the clouds it comes from has been torrential, at least at times. I believe it’s been close to record breaking. I know at least that the drought is over in the Bay area, and there has been flooding and mudslides. We had what they called an “atomospheric river storm” last week, and there will be another this week.

Bay Area forecast: ‘Atmospheric river’ storm may hit region next week


Good to know, I think next year, I will try the peas plantation earlier, trying to push the limits!

May I ask what will you do with your peas if you have sudden colder weather? like a dip or a snow?


I usually try some in October or November. They grow slowly, but they can take a bit of cold in January, then flower in February, and be able to handle a bit of frost. Or not😐.

I do Sweet Peas the same.

Last week the cage fell over in a storm, and several vines broke. I’m going to start some more this week, but will pre-sprout using “the baggie method”.


One year, I tried to push the limit for tomatoes, it was April, pretty warm, I planted the young plants, suddenly in early May, it became chilly…didn’t snow, but very cold for a week or two, the early plants got some shock, they never became very productive that summer.


I’ve done that MANY times. Now, it’s May 1st, no matter how beguiling the April weather is. The problem with that is, it can reach 100 degrees F in May. Do you ever get that hot there?


These years 2-3 years, you know how weather is becoming weird. most of the time March or April has great warm weather, sunny days, and then May come, hell of a weather, some times there was snow, sometimes, for weeks with heavy raining and all diseases come. May is a very strange here.

I imagine the pain for a professional farmer.

But this year, it’s the first time in February, we are so warm… I’m really sensing the global warming…


Aji Amarillo seedlings!

Some of the garlic getting yellow tips, root rot.

Thanks seed swappers!