Wicked Bagel soft opening [Lexington MA]

It was a few minutes past 8 and there wasn’t a line. The tables were all full and several people were waiting for sandwiches. I only had to wait a few minutes, and service was friendly and efficient. It’s a cool space. I do hope they tweak the recipe a bit because with just a bit more flavor I would happily get them often.

I meant to add that the cream cheese is made in-house.

Wow, never heard of a place making its own cream cheese.

Iggy’s does, too, but it’s not like any other cream cheese I’ve had. It light and very smooth and more like creme fraiche, although still delicious. Wicked’s is more like a traditional deli whipped cream cheese. It has more body than Iggy’s and holds up well on a bagel.

So I popped in and got an everything bagel and cream cheese. I am with you – great cream cheese, bagel just not good enough – too fluffy, not enough flavor, even with the toppings. Hopefully they will keep working on their recipe.

Yeah, agreed. The everything bagel will be my next sample. And they definitely have potential.

My son had the whole wheat yesterday. It smelled really good and he said it had a nice tang to it.

I didn’t post our N=3 (or is it 4 now?) experience because I thought folks here might be getting sick of my bagels rants but I just can’t help myself! B went this past Saturday just before 8 am. No line, but a decent number of traffic in-and-out. Again, we did the everything and garlic cream cheese this time. I gotta concur with GretchenS and bear that the cream cheese is quite good and the garlic was no exception. B really likes the bagels but I still want smaller, denser bagels. Nevertheless, I managed to scarf mine down. We need to try the sandwiches now. And I am determined to get to Davis Sq this week to snag some Better Bagels from Nine Bar.


While you’re in Davis you can check out the Davis Square Donuts and Bagels version. I’m still an Iggy’s sesame fan (and yes, they’re gigantic thus I eat one half for breakfast each morning. Keeps costs and calories in check), but I think Davis Square D&B is worth comparison to some of the other area spots being discussed.

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Got everything bagels from here yesterday. Unfortunately, way too bready for my taste. Nice guy behind the counter, though. Their chive cream cheese needs salt (I think)? The search continues (though Brooklyn Water in Framingham is the current forerunner for me). I should’ve stopped into Nine Bar for a Better Bagel specimen.


I need to make a Metrowest run one of these days…

Brooklyn Water are also my fav. No others in the Boston area come close!

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I agree! Although I haven’t tried Balgelsaurus yet so that could still be a contender.

@passing_thru I think there are enough places in Natick/Framingham for a crawl; Jack’s Abby and Bazaar West are both fairly close to Brooklyn Water Bagels.


I just hit Bagelsaurus this morning, no line at 9:05 when I walked in, line to (but not out) the door at 9:12. Delicious as ever.


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