Why do people line up for food truck fare that's not cheaper or better than restaurant food?

There was one at the far end that had a line. It was Loopys, which serves Korean food.

I’ve worked near here for 2 years, and have never tried any of them. I bring my lunch 99% of the time.

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I like the “Smoking Know BBQ”. Such a cool and simplest truck.

Wow. I wonder what the turnaround time for signature dish approvals is.

Simple, FOMO.

We patronize a handful of food trucks, so long as taco trucks are included. Lines, depending on time of day, are short and move quickly, unless someone smarter than you has called in an office order.

But bouncing off this thread, our question is what is with current generations who are happy to line up for EVERYTHING. in our neighborhood, daily coffee; granted superior pastries but a line a block long?; over an hour wait for weekend brunch. We’re of the “call and make a reservation” demographic If I have to wait for a table, much less a croissant, I start thinking of at-home alternatives we could pull off in about the same amount of time and quarter of the cost.


Over a 20 minute wait. I’m out . Not dishing the food trucks or restaurants. It’s just me . Not them

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Because people are stupid.


I have aged out of my ability to wait on line for food, except in very limited situations, like when I’m away from home and won’t get another chance to eat at a particular place.


Because many of these places don’t take reservations. What they often offer is great value and quality for the money and the trade off to get it is to wait in line. Pre-covid, there was a great Japanese restaurant that we frequently lined up at for a table. Their sushi was leagues above the garden variety you find. The price was great. O’toro for $8 a piece. Would have cost twice that at other places. When NY reopened for dining, they very cautiously reopened and for the first time took reservations to minimize the number of people waiting around.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone who doesn’t have the patience to wait in a line to do it. Line is long enough already.


Another observation on why people wait to get a table at a restaurant. The reason people wait in line is that there is something worth waiting for. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations so you wait. The counter to that is you want to go to a place that takes reservations and not wait. In NYC, if a place is good and popular, expecting to get reservations for the same day especially if it’s the weekend is impossible. In fact you may need to plan weeks or even a month ahead of time. While I sometimes do that for certain places, I’m am not the type who plans where to eat three days or a week before. In fact many of the hot places are impossible to get a reservation at a normal dining hour unless you are as they say known to the house. Remember Minetta Tavern when it started? Regular folks could get a reservation at 5 or 10. A line is very democratic. Show up and wait with everyone else and eventually you will get a table. It allows you to make a spontaneous choice and the cost is some time. Most of us waste plenty of it.

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